Ironhide Game Studios is most well-known for their excellent Kingdom Rush trilogy of tower defense games, but back in February of last year they announced a new game that would be tackling a different genre: real-time strategy. We didn't hear much news after that initial announcement until this past January when some beta footage was released, giving us a glimpse of the game in action. Then in March during GDC we went hands-on with an in-progress version of the game and thought it was shaping up quite nicely. Now, after much impatient waiting on my part, that game, Iron Marines [$3.99], has just hit the App Store a day ahead of its scheduled release date. I don't think anyone will be complaining about getting to play this one early! Check out the official trailer for Iron Marines.

As you can see the game has a similar style to the Kingdom Rush games but instead of the fantasy settings we get this really cool and colorful sci-fi theme. Seriously, I just love the color palette used in Iron Marines, and coupled with the many troops and enemies show on screen at once it's the kind of game I just want to stare at all day. All that staring will probably get me killed pretty quick though. Iron Marines is $4.99 and does also contain in-app purchases, but a quick glance inside the game shows that the IAP is just for buying additional currency to speed up your progress if you want and you can also choose to buy Heroes in the game with IAP, which is similar to how the Kingdom Rush games worked. Still, if you want to wait and see how the IAP factor plays out, you can find some discussion of the game in our forums, otherwise if you've been anticipating Iron Marines as much as I have you can just mash away at the purchase link below.

  • DaHui623

    I'm seeing it on the Google Play Store as well. See you tomorrow, work production!

  • morgawr

    Insta Effing Buy!!!

  • iamheffe

    Awesome, free Hero if you download by The 15th!

    Can't wait...

  • sbmuc

    I really liked the kingsom rush games but the IAP is just horrible. You SHOULD be able to purchase the ingame hero's with ingame currency but you cannot, you can only get a few hero's. Which is a joke for a game with a premium purchase cost.../pass

    • User0097

      Woah really? Guess I'll just have to hold on for a while then since it cost $20 in my country :/

      • Eric Brown

        it is on sale right now for %60 off

      • User0097

        Is it still on sale?

  • Simon Preece

    Almost bought it then I saw the 'free premium hero' so I guess this is another full price game which will end up riddled with IAP..? I don't know, but I'm holding until I see confirmation that this is a full/fair package.

    Update; I've seen that you get 3 heroes in game with 6 extra heroes behind a paywall. That's just from other threads on the game, so don't take it as gospel.

  • adz4u28

    Awesome instantly bought been waiting for this for a long long time!!

  • Far_Out

    Love the look of it, I'm IN!

    btw, STARFALL HD (my fave td of alltime) just returned to app store after being abandoned for 5 years, updated for iOS 10 . . . I hope they do the same for Starfall 2. Jared, know anything about their plans??!!??

    • KeKhan

      Starfall 2 HD is out now!

      • Far_Out

        Starfall 2 HD is back in the store, but hasn't been updated since 2012. Starfall HD (the first one) was updated 2 days ago to comply with iOS 10. I hope they are planning to do the same update for #2, but haven't posted it yet.

  • drunk_vader

    Was waiting for this for quite some time, but man, heroes behind a pay wall for a premium game, AGAIN?
    I remember from in Kingdom Rush most heroes went for anything $2.99 to - $6.99. That's beyond aburd when you shell $5 for a game as is.

  • Morgan Leecy

    More politically correct methods of IAP would work better for me.. DLC with a couple of new worlds and appropriately themed heros. Rather than here are some premium heroes from day one that you can only buy. I understand why IAP is needed, but it needs to be handled far better with premium games. Apart from that, I loved the first game, played it too death.. but the follow on games were just more of the same.. hence, as beautiful as it looks, unless there is something far different with this one.
    , I can't see me buying it

  • iOSGamester1980

    The IAP is a huge dissapointment. Just give us the heroes, put the IAP currency out there for the cheat code crowd, and charge for expansions with more campaign.

    Bought Strike Team Hydra on sale instead.

    • lezrock

      Well done mate. No Inch to paymium.

  • Andrey Velkov

    The game is great, you get 3 heroes, +1 bonus for early "adoption". Few more for people that want to support the game. So far it is very good:)

  • ste86uk

    Already bought and downloaded and you know nobody makes you buy those other heroes? They are there for if you want to play another or think one sounds like it would suit your play style more. I have all the kingdom rush games and have never purchased more than the odd hero on each the starting heroes are always just as good.

  • Chris Comeau

    Yay, insta-buy!

  • Discostallion

    So how big a deal are the heroes? Do they just add replay value/variety to the experience, or are they idespensable for progession/enjoyment?

    Seems like a steep buy in for a game that is going to hit you hard on the back end IAP. Although to be fair the whole kit & kaboodle would be less than what I spent on prior addictive f2p games (curse your eyes supercell)

    That said, the game looks sweet. I'll just have to wait for some reviews before deciding to invest in it.

    • Andrey Velkov

      That is their 4th big game, with IAP heroes. The Heroes in none of the previous were mandatory. Slightly stronger, maybe, different and varied, sure, but definitely not required.

  • Jinxtah

    Yeah, there's no way I'm paying for more heroes with IAP when I've already paid for the game upfront. Maybe a convenience factor would be ok, but they should be unlockable with ingame currency.

  • ac166

    I like the idea of iap heroes. People want everything for free 🙁

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      that's simple because the removal of premium games from the app store is the reason why people wants games to be free

    • iOSGamester1980

      I'd have paid up to $9.99 for this one at launch. I'd have gladly paid $3-5 per expansion pack for more campaign, modes, and features.

      Maybe i'm just weird, but whenever I'm in the hero select screen and see like 60%+ of the options locked or greyed out, it's going to feel like the game is incomplete to me, so in order to scratch that itch I'd have to spend like $15-20 for the "full game" without any additional maps or modes of play added to speak of.

      Plus what people who are going to bat for the developer and this game are saying about IAP currency/game balance sounds more like apologism than convincing argument. There are several reports of people hitting difficulty walls requiring grinding, which is what activates my concern about the IAP currency. It sounds like more than just "insert monies to win faster" route for busy whales and more like a mechanic straight out of the casino.