‘Deja’ is a Super Clever Trivia Game That Will put Your Memory to the Test

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In the summer of 2016, a surprisingly fun musical puzzle game called Tapt ($3.99) hit the App Store. I posted “>a first impressions piece on it explaining what you do in the game, which effectively amounts to remembering and tapping the basic beat of a large collection of ultra recognizable songs. It was a basic concept, sure, but it worked very well and was one of those things I couldn’t believe hadn’t been done before. Well, Tapt developer Stephen Coyle is back with another clever puzzler that also has an interesting twist. It’s called Deja (Free) (as in, deja vu) and the inspiration behind the title becomes immediately apparent once you start playing the game.

The crux of Deja is a basic trivia game, but you’re answering the last question you saw instead of the question on screen at the moment. So for instance, the game might ask you “What’s 3+5?" then you go to the next screen where it asks another math problem, but as soon as you begin typing your answer for the previous question, the current question disappears. It’s like mental juggling, and pretty cool once you get the hang of it. Check out this video of me playing it for the first time, I fail on my first game not really understanding the rules, but definitely get a hang of it the second time around:

Much like Tapt, Deja is also free to play. The way you pay for the game is by buying packs of hints, you can get five hints watching an ad, 50 hints for a buck, or 150 hints for $1.99. Aside from that, five other question packs are available for $1.99 a piece, but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of discounted pack that you can just buy them all with for less money. Still, a cool game, and worth checking out even if all you do is fiddle with the free content.

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