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‘Iron Marines’ Teased by ‘Kingdom Rush’ Developers Ironhide Games

Ironhide Games has been mostly known for the successful Kingdom Rush (Free) trilogy of games, with their popular brand of tower defense. But what about something new from the Uruguayan studio? They’re teasing their first game outside the Kingdom Rush franchise in 5 years with Iron Marines, and they have a short teaser that seems to set up the world a bit:

The description “A colony under attack! Hostile alien lifeforms attacking in overwhelming numbers! A small force of soldiers steps forward!" and the depiction of space marines outnumbered in battle provides only hints as to what to expect.! Ironhide revealed in a blog post that the game will be an RTS, but with the flair and flavor that their other games are known for. Considering how popular the Kingdom Rush games are, this is immediately worth keeping an eye on this year.