Released back in 2014, BattleLore: Command [$6.99] brought Fantasy Flight's board game BattleLore Second Edition to digital life. The tabletop game is fun and one of the better two-player unit-based warfare games out there. The iOS version features the same tactical warfare found on your tabletop and of course offers the opportunity to take on the AI in a single-player campaign or another human being via online multiplayer. A just-released version updates the game to make it 64-bit compliant, thus saving it from the digital dust bin of history. Fantasy Flight is working through their iOS hits, having updated Elder Signs: Omens [$3.99] earlier this year.

BattleLore: Command isn't as shiny and new as other strategy offerings and is perhaps showing its age, but it's still a fun game and I'm glad to see it updated for iOS 11 and beyond. It's worth checking out now that the game is safe for the future. If you want to know more before you buy check out Shaun's 4-star review or head on over to our forums.

  • gaymerX

    Yes yes yes!!!

  • ashmike3

    Great game. Played the heck out of this when it released. Some learning curve, but good strategy.

  • saansilt

    I'm getting into the tabletop game of this. The runewars verse is neat, and Runewars Miniatures Game being given an iOS app would be sweet. Here is hoping for an Al-Hakim army in the future.

  • JP Falcon

    I see the update in my iPad 4 update queue, but I guess it is best to leave it alone so as not to potentially screw up an already functioning game...