Monument Valley 2 [$3.99], the sequel to the gorgeous Monument Valley (which also happened to be one of Frank Underwood's favorite games in House of Cards), is getting closer to releasing on the Android side of the mobile world, and now you can pre-register for the game on Google Play. By heading over here, you can pre-register, which means you'll get a notification on your device once the game is actually released. Why would you want to be notified when Monument Valley 2 comes out? As we talked about in our review, the sequel to the landmark that was Monument Valley brings the same kind of visual magic as the original, even though it won't give you the challenge you might be seeking from a puzzle game. The game's focus is more on creating a certain feel through the sound and the art, so don't expect to have your brains tested; instead, go in expecting a serene experience.

What I liked about Monument Valley 2 is how to explored the relationship between a mother and a daughter, which isn't a theme often explored in video games. I've heard from a few female players who really appreciated the game's thematic choices, and I was glad to see a game exploring something different than the usual themes. So, Android players, get ready to experience one of the prettiest games of this year, coming soon to your device.