‘Clash of Clans’ Matchmaking Changes Are Live, Cannon Cart Buffed

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Supercell has been considering changing its Clash of Clans (Free) matchmaking algorithm substantially to ensure that matches are more even, and today those changes have gone live. The update makes improvements to the algorithm functions. Specifically, the new functionality will change the way the “total weight" of a base is measured with regards to defense and offense. These changes should translate to you playing against people with similar builds, which should make for fairer raids. One of the reasons behind this change is that Supercell doesn’t want to force people to be less creative and more cookie-cutter with their base builds. By changing the way the algorithm works, Supercell hopes that imagination and creativity will be rewarded.

The developers also made the system more flexible so they can tinker with it as they go along. That way, they can quickly jump in and improve matchmaking without having to change too much. Supercell will be keeping a close eye on the wait times now that the algorithm has changed, but it doesn’t expect any major changes. Finally, the update has buffed the Cannon Cart, increasing its movement speed and range. What do you think about the new changes?


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