Shadow Fight 3, the sequel to Nekki's mega-hit fighting game Shadow Fight 2 [Free], has been in the works for quite some time, from it first being announced in the spring of last year to most recently it soft-launching a little over a week ago signaling that it was likely close to being finished and released. Well, that turned out to be pretty true as today Nekki officially announced via the new teaser trailer below that Shadow Fight 3 is set for a global release on both iOS and Android this coming November 16th. In case you haven't been following along, Shadow Fight 3 expands upon the highly customizable RPG progression system of its predecessor while also taking the series into full 3D visuals for the first time. It really is an absolutely gorgeous game in motion, and just below the release date teaser is the most recent gameplay trailer for Shadow Fight 3 so you can see it in action.

Here's what else to expect according to the official description of Shadow Fight 3: "The epic single-player campaign of Shadow Fight 3 introduces an exciting new storyline in the Shadow Fight universe, which will be witnessed and told by the heroes of three competing factions: Heralds, Legion and Dynasty. In addition to the dramatically improved graphics, Shadow Fight 3 will also evolve the core gameplay to a higher level. Shadow Fight 3 will allow its players to master 3 unique and distinct fighting styles. Each style has its own set of moves and deadly combos. Players will be able to choose if they want to stick to one style or mix different moves, gear and weapons of different factions to create their own 'hybrid' fighting style!" Another interesting tidbit alongside the release date announcement is that Nekki will be releasing a paid version of Shadow Fight 2 sometime in August that will "allow its players to discover the Shadow Fight universe in an easier way - with optional in-app-purchases, but free of advertising." We'll be eager to see what that's like next month, but more importantly we can finally mark a date on our calendars for when Shadow Fight 3 officially releases to the world on November 16th.

  • MrMojoRisin

    Damn, that's too long to wait. Guess I'll just forget about it for now.

    • Nariod14

      Dang agreed. But Shadow Fight 2 now has a Special Edition!

    • Maatusi Maatusi

      Just use vpn and connect to canada and clear playstore data then open playstore up with vpn running then search for shadow fight 3 and there u go all done

  • Artfoundry

    It does look pretty amazing, but it's disappointing to see the absence of the silhouette graphics and beautiful hand drawn art that made SF2 such a pleasure to play and even a work of art.

    • DrlRage

      They still have silhouetted graphics in a special state now. You fight to fill the meter and then it allows you to activate the shadow power. It's a positive step forward IMO and it's still feels as fluid.

  • DrlRage

    It's pretty awesome! I would like if they included multiplayer battles, shorter times between rounds and punch to kick combos. It's an amazing specimen of a fighting game done right on iOS!

  • Ira Yates

    LIT asf, we've waited long enough...

  • bantu praveen kumar

    There is any possibilitie to play shadow fight 3 in moto e2 mobile.I mean RAM is enough or not.

  • Roy Aetzler

    the best in trailer is 2016 respect really

  • Vayne Solidor

    THREE factions!? i though there were only chinese-like and european-like! what is the third!? persian-like!? viking-like!?

    • M15BAH

      Third one is a herald... It's japanese πŸ˜‚

  • Pratham Singh

    just waiting for chapter 2 .... its getting boring now.... how much more tym u need ..... its already tooooooooo late

    • Rishikumar Pathi

      Me waiting for chapter 3 when will nekki release 3rd chapter

      • Zain Ali

        I personally feel like they will take time till than try to make more stronger your character !!

  • Rohan Dey

    seriously now its getting boring!! when will the chapter 3 release..does any1 has an info on that?

  • Manohar Sure Reddy

    Wen wil. The chapter 3 release... Its boring playing duel and normal missions... Plzz make. It soon

    • shashi sky

      That too once in 5hours. For normal mission....
      Too booring