The New Kanex GoPlay Sidekick MFi Controller Has a Neat Portable Case That Doubles as a Stand

While there have been an abundance of different models, styles and approaches to the MFi controller for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, it still feels like there hasn’t yet been a definitive option emerge that is head and shoulders above its competition. Gamevice’s particular approach of having the iPhone slot between two control modules may be more relevant than ever considering it essentially predated the Nintendo Switch, however the SteelSeries’s Stratus controller was a notable standout for its portability and ease of use. However, a new challenger has today emerged that looks to make strides towards the idyllic model MFi controller. Enter the Kanex GoPlay Sidekick – while the actual unit may not appear too dissimilar from the SteelSeries Stratus, its clamshell case can also act as a stand for your iPhone, meaning even more versatility for any hardcore mobile gamers wanting a controller on-the-go.

Aside from its remarkable case design that adds a surprising amount of utility for portable gaming sessions, the Kanex GoPlay Sidekick makes all the right noises in terms of its core controller features. A twenty hour battery life is formidable, and will ensure your controller can survive more than a few cycles of your iPhone’s battery life. Furthermore, pressure sensitive buttons, dual analog sticks, trigger buttons and a D-pad provide the meticulous control over the action you’d expect from an MFi controller. My only reservation is that I’m unsure whether the case-stand hybrid will support larger iPads, although most users will likely have a cover that accomplishes the same feat already installed on their device, so it’s not a major issue. Early impressions of the Kanex GoPlay Sidekick are certainly positive, and the device is available for $60 on Amazon today for any iPhone, iPad or Apple TV users looking for a new MFi controller.

[via 9to5mac]