I enjoy Wargaming's World of Tanks Blitz quite a bit, although I've always felt the fast maneuvering that's part of that game didn't translate to mobile that well, which is why I often find myself playing the PC version more. However, I always thought that World of Warships (pretty self-explanatory title) would be a better fit for mobile because ships move much more slowly, which works better on a touchscreen. Well, Wargaming has finally decided to heed my advice and has soft launched World of Warships Blitz on iOS and Android.

This free-to-play MMO action game has you playing all kinds of ships from WWII in 7v7 battles, and it looks like it's going to be a great version of the PC game. Wargaming has learned a lot from developing World of Tanks Blitz, and I'm hoping the developers will use all those lessons to make World of Warships Blitz even better than its tank partner. The game is soft launched in the Philippines, so go check it out if you have an account there.

  • Bloodangel

    Was looking for fleet glory other day and couldn't find it for iOS... but will get this now instead! 🙂
    Love WoTB


    Will one be able to use their ships from one's wargaming account online or does one have to start the arduous process of grinding all over again? *shudders*

    • TopherW

      Start fresh

      • MTXYLP10W

        Coolio beans.

    • Biker Dairies

      Yes you can use the same wargaming account from tanks Blitz provide the server and region is available in the same for both the games

  • Bloodangel

    I had one go... not sure about it.
    In tanks, you have terrain to hide behind and buildings. In this ships, obviously there's nothing just a face to face shoot out, and see who survives. Think luck is a big part as you just gotta be lucky that other ships don't shoot at you and shoot at the other ships... not much in the way of tactics/strategy

    • MTXYLP10W

      There are no islands or other land entities to maneuver around? Just open sea?

      • rammywts

        There are islands. I'm no expert but use of terrain/islands and positioning still important... not sure what he person before meant exactly

    • CarlRJ

      The screenshot above shows a bunch of islands, and the long-range scan in the corner shows pretty much everybody elbow-to-elbow in the middle hitting each other with hammers. Unlike the real battles that were often conducted from miles apart.

      • The Lord

        the enemy ship closest to you (red ship) is still 3KM away. Everything is scaled closer in a way or the gameplay would be boring and take forever, which isnt viable with the progression system they have.

    • ☜Mystogan☞

      if you played World of warships PC then you'll know how to play this game

    • Jack

      Granted, I do pay the PC version but I can assure you that there is a lot of strategy and timing involved. If you are still not convinced, there is actually a growing competitive scene for the game. As you play more f the game, you will become more aware of other important mechanics.

    • The Lord

      you really need to play it upto and past Tier 4 to see the strategy behind it. Thats when different ammo counts, armour can be angled for deflection, view range, spotting range and weapon range and so on.

  • kcns

    How pay to win is this compared to WoT Blitz?

    • rammywts

      It's still early but right now there are only a few premium ships and ability to earn more currency using premium accounts and that's it really

  • https://www.thenerdystudent.com/ Giacomo Lawrance

    Loved World of Tanks, looking forward to playing this one!

  • IMaNooB 2017

    Stuck at loading screen 🙁

  • Tizz986

    Anyone else unable to convert XP? Also, any idea if changing region after launch will reset progress?

  • Biker Dairies

    I played the WOws Blitz via APK: game needs a lot of rework I'm the in game mechanics like the customisation of controls on screen like in Blitz it's pretty interesting to play if the controls are a bit user-friendly this game would become the best in Android platform. Sadly they launched a new client version of the game and I'm unable to update as my region doesn't support the game.

    Ive unlocked all of American tier 3 warships Cruiser/ Destroyer and the Battleship South Carolina all three have their own individual battle characteristics.

    Cruisers pack some serious fire power. Rate of fire and number of rounds per minute. AP shells are effective against other cruisers and Destroyers while on the other hand they are mostly ineffective unless fired at a certain angle when confronting a Battleship.

    Destroyers are extremely manuverable they can go out of sight easily and sneak in on any unsuspecting enemy ships and take em out of water for good with an entire torpedo spread hitting the enemy and taking them out with HE shells with what little is left of the enemy ships. Wish there was something like a smoke screen like in the PC version. The secondary guns do a considerable amount of damage at close range while engaging close targets.

    Battleship have a very good range and aimed right they can make citadel hits and sink an enemy ship easily. They also pack decent Anti Air guns. Better watch out for those sneaky Destroyers and make sure to steer clear of torpedo spreads headed your way.

    The only type I haven't tried is the aircraft carrier.

    I only wish they have some sort of auto aim on/off like in the WOT Blitz.

    I'm eagerly waiting for the official launch. I like the way the timezone of day changes its climate with your local timezone in the Port view

    • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

      Go to apk mirror and get the latest version, I was only signed into Google though so it wiped my progress.

  • muttso1o

    Also has A soft launch in the Netherlands.