If you're looking for a cool shooter to check out before most others and you have an account in the Philippines App Store (or are willing to get one), you should probably check out Outer Pioneer from Vivid Games. As you can see from the trailer below, you go around shooting and blowing stuff up while completing all kinds of missions—defend probes, recover stolen disks, etc. You, of course, earn all kind of loot that allows you to upgrade your weapons and unlock different kinds of skills that should change how you approach the game.

The game also offers co-op missions and bosses and a pretty cool art style and soundtrack. Outer Pioneer looks very promising, and I'm sure many of you will check it out once it comes out Q4 of 2017. Go to our forum thread for more, and if you don't have a Philippines store account, use our guide to get one.

  • Jbruno99

    Looks like a mobile version of the playstation game Hell Divers.

    • GalDrogo

      Pretty much

  • lezrock

    Coop is always much appreciated.

  • boydstr

    I gonna moving away to the Philippines I want to play this! it gives me a kind of Morphite vibe.

  • Stetch

    Looks fun enough

  • Sanderok

    I play 1 hour and its not fun game, 1/10 imho. Boring missions, stupid progress and upgrade system, and other..