‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 6’ Was Coming, and Then It Wasn’t (Or Is It?)

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Scott Cawthon became famous for his extremely popular Five Night at Freddy’s ($2.99) series, which has also spawned a ton of toys, clothes, and load of other merchandise. Cawthon had been teasing a new game over the last few weeks, and many believed a new FNAF game was coming, but it was not to be. According to a new blog post, Cawthon admitted he was indeed teasing what would have been FNAF 6, but he has decided to pull the plug because of the pressure that comes with trying to develop another game in the series. Apparently, because each game has to meet mounting expectations, it puts a great deal of pressure on Cawthon to the point where he ends up neglecting other things in his life as he tries to meet those expectations.

Because of all that pressure, he has decided to stop working on the game and won’t even divulge what the game was going to be like. He won’t stop making games, but he wants to work on smaller projects loosely based on the FNAF series. He also gave us an update on the movie, stating that it’s going well, and he’s also working on a VR title (because a FNAF VR game wouldn’t freak people out at all).

You can read the whole post here, but also keep in mind that Scott Cawthon isn’t the most reliable person in the world when it comes to future or current plans, so don’t be too surprised if it turns out that this whole “confession" is nothing but another one of his usual tricks.

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