We start off fast this week covering the unbelievable amount of news that came out this week, covering a bunch of stuff Supercell is doing, some Hearthstone stuff, and tons more. Of course a ton of great (and not so great) games were also released. We had time to talk about five of them, and those are Final Fantasy XV: Game of War Edition [Free], Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow [Free], Kalimba [$3.99], Flippy Hills [Free], and Swing King and the Temple of Bling [Free].

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  • chfuji

    FFXV: Game Of War Edition, lol I see what you did there. Thanks for saving me the trouble seeing if it was doing anything new. I'll stick to the TinyCo brand of time sinks where at least the writing is good.

  • bigrand1

    I know it's off topic, but you need to get rid of that GirlsX ad on the home page that says 'my breasts can be bigger!' That's really creepy, man! I'm all for T & A, but I'm an adult, and showing that every day, and showing some dude tweaking her tittie for YOUNG KIDS to see all the time here is just not right in a site like this and is sending a bad message! I'm kinda surprised at you! Even if you're desperate for money this is not a good thing! Hope you see that. 😉

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      That's not an ad we are serving in-house. When we don't have active ad inventory to display we fallback to Google ads which are based on your own browsing history...

      • Drizzt79

        That response. Omg! 😳😜😂

      • skylined87

        I'm dying.... 😂😭😂 that was literally the coolest way to out someone's porno vice

      • bigrand1

        So, these ads are different for anyone who's looking at it? I may have looked at this game when it first came out one time, but I look at lots of stuff once! Why would this one particular ad be there every time I open this site right there in my face? Kinda weird. Noticed that for a while. As long as everyone else isn't seeing it, that doesn't bother me too much, though it does come across as kinda pervy in general, and I'd rather not see it TBH. You got lots of kids around here, and to me, it just didn't seem right for them to have to see it like that. If they're not, then I guess no harm, no foul, really.( Gotta be sensitive to the kiddies these days.)

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Yeah, look for checkboxes in your browser preferences to minimize tracking. It's a pretty common practice in internet advertising, Google knows everything.