‘Brawl Stars’ Gets a New Brawler: Piper, a Long-Distance Damage Dealer

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We’re all about Brawl Stars, Supercell’s ultra-lightweight soft launched MOBA. If you don’t know what the game is all about, check out our first impressions here, but for everyone else, Supercell just confirmed the way they’re going to be monetizing this game: Through the release of loads of new brawlers. Brawl Stars isn’t even out of soft launch yet and they’re already adding new content, this time in the form of a brawler named Piper. She’s a long-range damage dealer who actually does more damage the farther she is away from her target.

Supercell is disseminating this information via random YouTubers it’d seem, so for the hot scoop on what Piper is all about, take a look at the above video. In the video, you’ll learn that Piper’s super ability is a giant jump that drops grenades on opponents. Additionally, El Primo is getting a skin, along with a whole bundle of other tweaks and changes that come from Supercell continuing to balance the game before launch. Still no word on an Android release, so for the time being, keep in mind that all Brawl Stars APK download links are scams.

Oh, and if you’re looking for other people to play with, our Brawl Stars Discord server has been growing in popularity like crazy. It’s a great place to find a premade group and just stomp on the opposition. This new update should hit in a couple days, and hopefully we all have good luck at opening Piper!

Thanks, D3ATHST3P!

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