Clash of Clans [Free] just got more content in the Builder Hall 6 update, which has just gone live. The biggest additions are the two new units, the Night Witch and the Roaster. The Night Witch, which you get when you upgrade your Builder Barracks to Level 8, does ranged attacks that hit both air and ground units, spawns bats that attack both ground and air units, and will spawn into a swarm of bats once it receives fatal damage. The Roaster is a great defense weapon against the Night Witch and shoots flames up to 7 tiles away in burst fire of 15 shots. At Level 6, it does 16 damage per shot, hits air and ground units, and does splash damage.

In addition to the two new units, Builder Hall 6 update is adding a second Crusher and raising all defenses, traps, and walls up to Level 6 (minus the Spring Trap. There are other additions and tinkering, and you can check them all here.

  • Booch138

    Hey, you guys forgot to mention the Clock Tower nerf. Seems like everyone is trying to. Hahahahahah

    • Jason

      Why did it need nerfing?

      • Booch138

        Because $uperCell needed more money! No doi.

      • Booch138

        In all honesty I'm angry about it and active on the CoC forums and Reddit along with the other masses that are outraged by SuperCell's compete lack of transparency and so far only have given a "We made a mistake, and people are progressing too fast." As their justification for it. If you're upset about it too, I highly suggest joining myself and others to leave a 1-Star review on the App Store for the "Balance Changes" they have graced us with.

  • Booch138

    And that's fine. I don't expect everyone to. If you're complicit with the changes and feel like it doesn't affect you at all, then cool. No harm no foul. I, however, happen to have a big of a issue with gaming companies that are cool with trying to pull this thick of wool over my eyes. It's summer, it's too hot for that s---. 😛

    • eatthis

      +1 and have an upvote for use of thick wool and summer. 11/10 would laugh again