A few months back, we wrote about the first trailer for the upcoming The Emoji Movie, the movie that will make a ton of money even if you think it shouldn't even exist. If you remember, the movie is about Gene, an emoji unable to consistently pull off the same face, which is anathema in the emoji world. The original reveal teased that Gene and his friends would have to venture across the apps of a teenager's phone, and now we know the reason why. As the new trailer reveals, Gene's inability to portray the intended emoji makes the teenager think that his phone is malfunctioning and decides to wipe it out, which means everything and everyone on the phone will be wiped out as well.

So, the emoji gang has to travel across the apps to save the phone from being wiped out, and, of course, this journey takes them to the land of Candy Crush among other places. And, of course, there are cat gif jokes as well. The movie will release August 4th, so insert whatever emoji better expresses your reaction.

  • Mrbestapps


    • MarsMachine

      💩 u beat mi 2 it 👎🏻😖

  • qdiddy

    So it's Wreck It Ralph without the charm?

  • cowtruck123

    Likes like a bad combo of Wreck It Ralph and Inside Out.

    • HelperMonkey

      You are correct.

      • Mrwubbs

        Not one laugh from me. Looks awful.