‘Amonkhet’ Expansion Comes to ‘Magic The Gathering: Puzzle Quest’

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Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest (Free) continues to keep up with all the Magic The Gathering expansions, and today’s update has brought the Amonkhet expansion to the very entertaining mobile game. Amonkhet is the 74th Magic expansion and the first in the Amonkhet block. As you might probably have guessed from the name, this expansion was inspired by Ancient Egypt. The MTG: Puzzle Quest version of the expansion comes with 155 new cards, including 10 Masterpiece cards.

The update also adds a new Planeswalker, Gideon of the Trials, who has abilities such as Oketra’s Initiates, Forged by Might, and Return from Exile. The update also adds three new events: Trial of Zeal is a new PvE coalition challenge, Trial of Strength is a PvP coalition challenge, and Trial of Ambition is a weekday PvP event centered around the Amonkhet set. We are also getting new card abilities, such as Embalm, Exert, Cycling, and Exile. The update is live now, so go check out Amonkhet.

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