‘Candy Crush Saga’ Will be Part of the Upcoming ‘Emoji Movie’

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In what should be the most unsurprising news of the day, there’s a movie all about emojis coming out with the very imaginative name of Emoji Movie. And I know most of you will complain about the fact we’re even getting an emoji movie, but as you probably know, it’s probably not being made for you. The movie is all about Gene, an emoji born with multiple expressions, who teams up with his best friend Hi-5 and the infamous codebreaker, Jailbreak, and they all go on an adventure through a teenager’s phone. As you can guess, the movie takes place inside various apps like Spotify, Dropbox, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many more.

Of more interest to mobile gamers will be the whole sequence based on Candy Crush Saga (Free) where the movie’s heroes get trapped inside the game board and must play through various levels in order to survive the ordeal. Insert joke about IAPs here. Jokes aside though, it’s fun to see how mobile games are now part of many young ones’ childhoods. It all goes back to the discussions we often have on how mobile games (with their monetization and platform-specific mechanics) will feel much more “normal" to kids growing up now than to us. The movie will release August 4, 2017, so insert excited/disappointed/agree emoji here.

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