Supercell has been hinting at a big update coming to Clash of Clans [Free] relatively soon, and yesterday we got a pretty funny teaser. The teaser has some of the most entertaining characters of the game pondering on the best way to cross the water, with the Barbarian picking the most direct way of just charging into the water. The rest decide to, instead, take a boat. The teaser ends with a "Discover What Lies Beyond Your Shores" message, and we are left to ponder what it all means. There have been rumors of Clash of Clans allowing for better multi-Village support, although there's nothing concrete at the moment.

Reddit users have been speculating wildly about what the new update might bring to the game, with some players guessing it's an offshore battle arena or perhaps some kind of co-operative gameplay element. What are your guesses (hopes)?

  • Danny Miller

    The boat im not sure.i recommend a sniper missile tracker for the DRAGON

    • mugil strom mugil strom

      Yeah the weapon you asked is air defence

      • Danny Miller

        Yes.please look at some of the weapons the army Navy use and add them

      • mugil strom mugil strom

        But clash of clans is based on magic and classic style which attracts more players. If present weapons are introduced in coc it may lack that beauty. The modern weapons you asked for will be available in boom beach.

  • Aaron Torres

    Hurry up with the update...

  • Varun Mukund

    When is the update???

  • Derprozess

    My guess is, they're going the update the game with a secondary village, maybe with new troops and its own looting system... So the lvl 150+ "veterans" as myself to sink more time (and gems) into upgrading and expanding stuff. The only reason I'm back playing (besides the fact I've started a clan which now has won 293 wars) is the little time I have to waste every day (25-30 mins), since my th if fully upgraded so I don't have to make any raids.

    • Derprozess

      **going to

    • Kody Davis

      Omg, feel on yourself more, please. And get a life maybe? Get in and get out with your post. NOC about you're accomplishments or lack thereof. 1/10 LOL

  • gaytrekkie

    Oh geez multi-village just means I'm going to be wasting even more time playing this game....

  • Fadel Halloume

    I think the update will be resources islands like in boom beach.

  • Ultimate DarkSoul

    With the new update a good thing to do is put in a new air defense because like 3 to 4 air defenses even when they maxed wont stop people from 3 staring. Like its just for a little bit more of a challenge for the players looking for raids.

    • Derprozess

      As far as I know, there won't be any new troops, extra defenses etc -- at least not for the "main" base; but you're right, I'm max th9 by years and dealing with only 4 AD's against a maximized mirror is a walk in the park for 3*

  • RK

    I want new troops and th 12

  • lol

    maybe theyre adding the other supercell games like hay day or boom beach to connect it all