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‘Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo’ Hits Mobile on May 11th

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If you enjoy blackjack and Street Fighter 2, then I have good news: Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo is set to hit the App Store on May 11th. The game is basically blackjack meets an homage to Street Fighter 2, with art, sound, and interface that resembles the 16-bit fighting game era. It’s a fun idea, and I enjoyed my time with it back at PAX South 2017.

So how does blackjack work in a fighting game context? Well, your goal is to have more money at the end of 10 rounds, so your betting will differ based on the context of the game. If you are down, riskier bets become part of the game, whereas safer play if you’re ahead might be part of your strategy. And you’ll be able to play online against opponents cross-platform on iOS, Android, and the already-released Steam version.

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