‘Clash of Clans’ Teasing Big Upcoming Update With a Short About a Boat

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Supercell has been hinting at a big update coming to Clash of Clans (Free) relatively soon, and yesterday we got a pretty funny teaser. The teaser has some of the most entertaining characters of the game pondering on the best way to cross the water, with the Barbarian picking the most direct way of just charging into the water. The rest decide to, instead, take a boat. The teaser ends with a “Discover What Lies Beyond Your Shores" message, and we are left to ponder what it all means. There have been rumors of Clash of Clans allowing for better multi-Village support, although there’s nothing concrete at the moment.

Reddit users have been speculating wildly about what the new update might bring to the game, with some players guessing it’s an offshore battle arena or perhaps some kind of co-operative gameplay element. What are your guesses (hopes)?

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