Normally I'd be fully celebrating National Goof Off Day today, but Death Road to Canada hit the App Store super early this morning and I don't care about anything else in my life right now but playing this game. If you haven't downloaded it yet, we'll have a full review up soon, but in the meantime you can check out the impressions in our forums in the thread which is just blowing up. Death Road to Canada is my personal game to beat for Game of the Year this year, so, for real, don't miss this one.

Here's all the new games that have been posted to our forums, and I included a few noteworthy stragglers from over the weekend:

Stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening.

  • HelperMonkey

    Card Thief.
    Death Road.
    Same week.
    STRONG week.

  • DOOM

    As someone who's watched the progress of Death Road to Canada since its announcement and as a participant in the beta - SOLD. Well done, RocketCat, looking forward to the updates!

  • Noodleboy

    Is sunless sea still tomorrow?

  • Barrett Bear Baker

    And no mention of The Witness. I think that photo was a joke, or im just too antsy for it to come out

    • gquiller

      It may have been for MAC App Store..?

      • Barrett Bear Baker

        Ill check. I hope itll run on my mac then

      • Barrett Bear Baker

        From their twitter it came out on the 9th. One developer said that they are still working on it but has since not answered any comments

      • EvilDucktator

        Boo🤘 - TT

    • Peter Kellstrand

      It's in the Mac App store.

  • superx4039

    Power rangers legacy Wars and elder scrolls legends (I think?) come out this week too.

    • gquiller

      Please Elder Scrolls!

      • HelperMonkey

        Oh, okay. If you insist.