I've been playing Faeria [Free (HD)] for a few days now, and I'm really enjoying it because it plays quite differently from pretty much any other CCG out there. Now, the developers have started teasing the game's first expansion, Adventure Pouch, and it's a pretty big one. Adventure Pouch will add a new co-op campaign to the game, time-limited co-op boss battles, new daily challenges, plenty of new cosmetics, and, of course, plenty of new cards. The co-op adventure can be played either with AI or your friends and will feature at least 6 Quest packs.

If you pre-order at any time between today and May 9th, you'll get instant access to six new cards that have been added to the core set, the Adventure Pouch card back, and the chance to win an Alienware laptop. After May, the Adventure Pouch will only be around for purchase for a limited time, so think of Adventure Pouch as the first of many collectible expansions. Finally, Faeria will be coming to Android in the next month or so, which should help the player base grow even more. If you haven't tried Faeria and have been looking for a new CCG to try out, give the game a try.

  • Modjular

    Do people think Faeria will come to iPhones, or will it stay on iPads?

    • MintCity

      That is what I want to know.

  • Reignmaker

    Played a bit and it was fun, but it reminded me that Hearthstone is just a much more polished experience.

    Wasn't impressed by the iOS port with it's low-res assets, and buggy login experience. The average game length seems a little too long too. Will give Duelyst a try when it's ready.