Appsomniac Games has been working on their take on .io multiplayer games with Fail Whale off and on for a while now – I saw it back in late 2015 – but other projects have kept the game from being finished until now. This one has you playing as a narwhal, taking on other players in online action, trying to stab each other with your giant narwhal horn, and trying to utilize your dash attack to its fullest. You'll be dueling to the death with a bunch of other players at once. Get your streak up high, and set records based on hourly, daily, monthly time-frames, and even the best all-time. You know, if you're not a whale of failure.

Fail Whale is goofy fun with a bit of gruesomeness, as your whales get dismembered and can be turned into chum afterward. Insult added to injury is never good. Your whale can be decorated with diferent colors and decorations, as well. The release date hasn't been locked down yet, but expect it around April Fool's Day.

  • HelperMonkey

    Narwhals are weird. It's proper they get their own weird game.

    • Daniel Schroeder

      Check out Starwhal. It's great.

  • Patricia Anaka

    Wasn't a game just like this on PS+ last month?

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      yup just like Starwhal

      • Hunter Mayer

        It's not exactly like Starwhal... which is a good game in its own right (I am a fan, but I was left wanton) It's not in zero G space, and you can turn both direction (left AND right), and you have to manage your thrust and its regeneration for great affect. There is also a drafting mechanic to leverage/master (in offense and defense), its also not a shared screen experience, it's wifi-lan and online anonymous drop in arenas... Having played both I'd say there are way more differences than not, but the devil is in the details. (full disclosure: I am one of the two developers in Appsomniacs so I am super bias. Huge fan of Narwhals in general.)

  • bigrand1

    Hmmmm. Ok. I'll bite! Sounds good to me! Few more weeks!

    • Hunter Mayer

      We found issues in the beta. So we are sliding a bit to the right (on the calendar). nothing huge, but its stalling the release of the Android beta as well. We do have it in Test Flight now. Interested Apple people let me know you can taste the edgy beta now, I'll have a working Android build out ASAP. I guess I can set up a test group now and when it drops you will get first grab.