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GDC 2017 – ‘Runnedrez’ is a Clever Mashup of Endless Running Bound by the Rules of Chess

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It feels like one of the trends of the past year or so was taking the mechanics of a well-established game like Chess and rethinking how they can be used in a video game. That’s exactly what Golden Bite Games wants to do with their upcoming title Runnedrez, which is a combination of the word “runner" and the Spanish word for Chess which is “Ajedrez." In Runnedrez you play as the knight piece and are bound by its “L-shape" movement as other Chess pieces try to take you down using their own movement rules. Check it out.

Like most of these riffs on the Chess formula we’ve seen on mobile, Runnedrez is a really clever idea and works really well in practice. There’s a lot of strategy in having to move based around certain rules, but even more when having to avoid the enemies that are out to get you and being able to recognize their abilities and how to counteract them. Look for Runnedrez to launch later this year.

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