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GDC 2017: ‘Fail Whale’ Pits Narwhals in Deadly Combat

Appsomniac Games has been working on their take on .io multiplayer games with Fail Whale off and on for a while now – I saw it back in late 2015 – but other projects have kept the game from being finished until now. This one has you playing as a narwhal, taking on other players in online action, trying to stab each other with your giant narwhal horn, and trying to utilize your dash attack to its fullest. You’ll be dueling to the death with a bunch of other players at once. Get your streak up high, and set records based on hourly, daily, monthly time-frames, and even the best all-time. You know, if you’re not a whale of failure.

Fail Whale is goofy fun with a bit of gruesomeness, as your whales get dismembered and can be turned into chum afterward. Insult added to injury is never good. Your whale can be decorated with diferent colors and decorations, as well. The release date hasn’t been locked down yet, but expect it around April Fool’s Day.