I feel like I've pontificated enough about the clicker genre. It's perfectly suited for mobile devices (where you can leave it dormant and come back to a fortune literally anywhere), and although it has its flaws and isn't for anyone, I'm glad that it exists. So many games have attempted to put their own unique spin on the formula with mixed results though, and that includes Realm Grinder [Free].

Where Realm Grinder tries to be different is its "good versus evil" spin. After roughly 30 minutes of tutorials you can make your choice -- take your kingdom and continue on the path of good, or start building undead and demonic buildings. It's a cool idea, especially since all of the icons, locations, and even the graphics change afterward, but really it's just changing the fluff of what you click.

What I really like about Realm Grinder though, regardless of what side you choose, is its visual representation of everything. If you build something, even though it won't show up in excess, it's on your screen. There's a sense of accomplishment when you actually see a Necropolis pop up, especially once you've acquired every building in the game and faintly recall grabbing each individual tier. There is some attempt to showcase good and evil as different styles (tapping and idling respectively), but they feel the same.

Of course the ride never stops and you're constantly chasing the dragon of more and more money and more stuff to fill the screen with, just like tappers and other mobile simulators, but for a certain kind of person it provides a sense of accomplishment. That feeling is, granted, a little more short lived than a lot of other clickers out there.

Buildings still mostly do the same thing -- earn you more money through natural generation when you're not manually clicking the screen for a pittance of cash. Sure, working your way up to a Hell Portal is awesome, but after that it's just a super Blacksmith when you're not using spells.

Yeah, spells -- or, more ways to click. They're the only source of interaction beyond the money grind, and mildly change up how much cash you accrue or the behavior of certain buildings. So if you have a ton of Dark Temples for example, there might be a spell that enhances their output for a given amount of time, which ensures that it's a good idea to build lots of those temples and manually check into the game during certain intervals when mana recharges. It's a way to get you to keep coming back, basically, and even though you can earn money by having the game idle, clicking and interacting is always better.

But if you aren't patient, you can spring for some microtransactions that are muddled with different pricepoints on top of a premium currency. You see, for $4.99 you can buy an item called the "Gift of the Heroes," which increases production by 25% and rewards by 15%, among several other bonuses. It also unlocks another upgrade. And from $4.99 all the way up to $49.99, you can buy Rubies too boost your production, or choose to fast-forward anywhere from 12 hours to five days. Given that there's no real competitive element or pronounced battling or PVP, it's highly unlikely that someone would be that impatient, but the option is there.

That said, the pacing and earn rate isn't really all that bad. Even though I did hit a few walls where the next tier felt insurmountable, I just kept the game closed for half a day, came back, and moved up. It's not a good thing when Realm Grinder doesn't entice you to constantly play it (as many other clickers have), but one could argue that these types of games weren't meant to be played around the clock. A prestige-like option of starting over with bonuses is also a plus once you feel like you've mastered all there is.

You could do a whole lot worse than Realm Grinder when it comes to picking up a time waster, but the developers could do a lot better in turn. With some tweaks, it could be one of the more compelling clickers on the market.

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  • 28monkeys

    I will never try any game from greedy KONG💣again EVER!

  • Mariko

    I've got a love/hate relationship with clickers. This looks much deeper than 90% of what's out there now, so I'll try it out at the very least. BTW, have you played 'Billion Hunter'? It's not quite as detailed, but it has plenty of stuff to do in it. I check in with it at least daily, sometimes a couple of times a day. If you haven't done so yet, I definitely recommend checking it out, if you enjoy these type of clickers that aren't composed entirely of just killing stuff, and the ability to upgrade your stats/skills, with little to nothing else.

  • Thhommy

    I'm sorry, but have you actually played the game more than a few hours? You haven't even touched on the other unlockable factions, reincarnations, research, excavation and other mechanics.

    Not to mention all the trophies most of them with game changing upgrades and the plethora of ways to play.

    Or how about the mercenary faction that literally allows you to cherry pick what faction upgrades you want to use, making the game fully customizable?

    I have been playing it for almost a month and still have not manage to unlock all the features in the game.

    I strongly urge you to give this another try, I'm sure you have a lot of games to cover but this review doesn't even scratch the surface of the game.

    • beowuulf1

      I am really frustrated with this review. There is more varied content in this clicker than in any other I've played. Prestiges fundamentally change the game. Early on, you're just restarting with the same six vanilla factions. Then you unlock excavations. Then you unlock ancient factions. Then you unlock prestige factions. Meanwhile, there are trophies you acquire that give you new abilities in the game. Then you unlock mercenaries who can combine the abilities of other factions. Now I've unlocked researches that let you further customize your faction.

      This review covers 1% of the varied content - and should be revised.

  • YaoYao

    Like a few others have said, this game has an incredible amount of depth beyond other clickers. It has progression mechanics that are interesting and take some planning (or just even more patience) instead of just watching your numbers get bigger like so many others.

  • Sangeet Shukla

    seriously i am playing this game for a week & still not know what is really happening except increment of those coins...worst game...

  • kismayaz

    Is there any sound effects or background music in this game? I've looked everywhere, but I can't find how to enable them if so. The game is kind of boring being so silent all the time.

  • Sangeet Shukla

    i unlocked all the buildings or factions,there were no event during initial release date but around 14th feb the events are starting on android.Any text info will be great too.

  • Sangeet Shukla

    i have around 36 options in purchased upgrades,total 43 misc,8 magic,63 bulding,4 secret,1 allegiaces trophies are unlocked.9.371 Qj/s is my current coin generation rate in the game.around 250+ for each building.I don't know what is the use of factions.even there are so many options(+advanced) in the setting icon.

  • Qwazz Bre

    Can't say I fully agree with this review. It's a clicker and it's definitely grindy in some aspects, but there's a lot more depth to it than one can see from just a couple hours' gameplay.

    I've been playing it for over a week and it's still unlocking new things as I go along.

  • spatenau@gmail.com

    Realm Grinder is simple at first. Clickers have a "soft reset" where you start over to gain some type of advantage, such as a production multiplier that persists through a reset. Realm Grinder has two layers of resets. The first, abdication, is pretty normal with the production modifier and it also allows you to choose a different setup, like good vs evil. The second, resurrection, takes a while to get to but its rewards often open up new game mechanics. Factions, mercenaries, bloodlines, research, and more add new choices and things to explore.

    Trophies and challenges give incentive to reach goals besides just "more gold". Events happen throughout the year-- the game has enough depth to keep people playing for months or longer.

    Basically, people who enjoy clickers play for a significant number of hours. RG rewards those hours with not just bigger numbers but also new and richer gameplay.

    I think the review is fine for people who don't like clickers. I think it is not helpful and even misleading for people who do.

Realm Grinder Reviewed by Chris Carter on . Rating: 3