We typically ignore these types of things as you could literally spend your entire day listing off scam apps, knock-offs, and other similar things that are constantly released on the App Store. Normally, we assume folks are pretty savvy when it comes to spotting these, as 99.9% of the time (and this is true in this instance as well), the folks releasing these types of scams have an iTunes portfolio filled with similar junk. It becomes even more transparent if you actually download and attempt to play any of these games. Today's instance is an Astroneer knockoff which is for some reason being announced as if it were real. Please, do not download this game.

Here's what the scam app is promising in screenshots:

Here's what you get when you launch the game:

Pretty big difference, eh? This is from the same developer behind the Rust scam app which was posted to our forums a few weeks ago. Why Apple allows this sort of thing is beyond me, but, whatever. Add it to the long list of things that don't make sense about the App Store.

  • Mrbestapps

    Jesus Christ how the hell did that get on the AppStore?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Apple approves anything as long as it's not a useful app about iOS games.

      • dancj

        Well played!

      • YankeeBlue000

        You should start a thread In General, New Game, and or Game releases to get people on board to spread word to look out for new scams

  • YankeeBlue000

    There's also that Pit People game that was being scammed also recently Watch out for that one I have both games on my Xbox One Both are still in early access

    • YankeeBlue000

      There's also a game called Undertale being scamed The scammer also has 3 other games that are scams on his list of games in the AppStore

  • YankeeBlue000

    Here's the link to the Undertale scam

    UNDERTALE - Underground World by Rudolf Bhatt

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Gah this is ridiculous.

  • YankeeBlue000

    Thank you

  • Repulsa

    This is getting to be a serious problem

  • EZ Ice

    Could it be that the original Astroneer dev didn't trademark the name so it's still open to use 'legally'?

    • Mariko

      Nope, this is entirely a scam. Along with several other big name game scams, EXACTLY like this one from this guy dropped late last night/early this morning. Which are all very obvious of this, since they are all titles of games that are all PC and console games that there have NEVER had any word of being on mobile.

  • Michal Hochmajer

    Ad screenshot from actual iOS game.
    People are complaining about everything, jeez.
    There is bunch of hi-tech features in there:
    dynamic shadows...below below low res,
    Skybox without sky...aka box,
    hi-tech cell shade...standard shader
    Know your place mobile gamers!
    I was thinking Nova 4 is out, for a while...
    Don't mind me, just kidding.

    btw. Binding of Issac is 40 bucks on Switch? Am I missing something?

  • cadillackills

    Reminds me of the "Superhot" knock off. Nice to know T.A. has our backs.

  • saansilt

    I'm fairly convinced that there is no approval team at this point, just a trained monkey that keeps clicking the green button marked "approve".

  • Repulsa

    Agreed, I so wish some of these games really were coming to iOS lol i almost hit the buy button on portal knights before I realized it was a fake, I bet tons of ppl do.

  • Alexythimia23

    Neighbours house, hello neighbour...is another game i removed from my Wishlist. Apparently the game does not even work! Crazy how this stuff gets accepted!?

  • Mariko

    AFAIK, as long as the game runs, and has no 'objectionable content, it will be approved. Since I still use the old version of AppShopper, I see a TON of suff identical to this guy's stuff, and Chinese rip offs of similar nature show up daily. This is really just a small portion of it. This guy though uses the original titles or ones similar enough to the original, that makes them easier to show up and fool the average person that doesn't know enough about gaming, and will think it's legit due to the name.

    • Michal Hochmajer

      Except, guy is using screenshots from actual PC? games as app store promotional ones.
      Owner rights violation - games are sold as product and do not alow you to reproduce or resell them without proper rights.
      Apple rules violation - you can post only screenshots from actual game (this rule was adopted since 2014? or so, but noone really cares)
      And you are right with names.

      Some troll had "spicy" replay, when I post about my research before buying/downloading anything. O, it was Eli... :)))

  • boydstr

    The only thing that is important to Apple is Apple.

  • Beth

    Those games were on the apple top charts list ( for paid games) ..so this idiot scammer is making bank! ....Grrrrr
    How does Apple not spot this crap...someone has to approve releases and all that jazz ....its pathetic

  • clownaveli


  • cadillackills

    To be fair, not ignorant, the AppStore's return policy and customer service has been great with any problems I've had.

  • Krugrrr

    Ooh, be careful out there. And ask Apple for refunds!

  • Airpegy

    There's one of undertale , fake description and images I got scammed ...

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    don't forget Hello Neighbor and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator scams as well

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    to Apple: I will be coming after you if you don't stop approving those scams

    to the scammers: I would appreciate that you stick your scams up to your a** and get the f*** out of the app store