Beware of ‘Astroneer’ Scam App on the App Store

We typically ignore these types of things as you could literally spend your entire day listing off scam apps, knock-offs, and other similar things that are constantly released on the App Store. Normally, we assume folks are pretty savvy when it comes to spotting these, as 99.9% of the time (and this is true in this instance as well), the folks releasing these types of scams have an iTunes portfolio filled with similar junk. It becomes even more transparent if you actually download and attempt to play any of these games. Today’s instance is an Astroneer knockoff which is for some reason being announced as if it were real. Please, do not download this game.

Here’s what the scam app is promising in screenshots:

Here’s what you get when you launch the game:

Pretty big difference, eh? This is from the same developer behind the Rust scam app which was posted to our forums a few weeks ago. Why Apple allows this sort of thing is beyond me, but, whatever. Add it to the long list of things that don’t make sense about the App Store.