Let's start with the most important aspect of the just-released adventure game Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet [$1.99]; it includes a parrot voiced by Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor Who. It also has a pretty silly trailer, which is always a plus. In addition to those two, though, Nelly Cootalot has plenty more to offer to those who enjoy adventure games. As you try to figure out and stop the plans of Baron Widebeard (probably a hipster baron), you'll get to visit some really fun locations and meet a pretty silly cast of characters, all the while enjoying the colorful art of the game.

Add to that plenty of Britishness - weird spellings, weird humor, and so on - and you've got yourself a winner. The game was received pretty positively in other platforms, so you should probably check it out. Nelly Cootalot is out now and costs $2.99; that's a pretty cheap fleet.

  • Rooie1154

    Okay, the trailer sold me completely...

    • iamheffe

      Yep same, bought.

  • Mariko

    They had me at Tom Baker. Doctor Who being my all time favourite show (Especially the original 26 serieses), so I had to buy it.

  • kfelicity85

    Yay! I'm always excited when a point and click game is released on iOS!

  • monorator

    instabuy for me too... cute pirate girls are quite rare 😉

  • porsupah

    Didn't even have to finish the trailer to know this'll be right up my street. ^_^

  • Volker Ritzhaupt

    Are you going to do a full review of the game?