This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl Is ‘Battle of Tol Barad’ and the Spells are Free

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If you like your Hearthstone (Free) filled with spells, you’ve come to the right Tavern Brawl. Battle of Tal Barad, which we’ve played in the past, has you building your own deck, and then every time you play a minion, you get a random spell of the same cost that costs 0 mana to play. The spells will come from random classes, so don’t go picking a class just because it comes with strong spells. And, since you’re are getting random spells, expect plenty of RNG in this one, which is fine by me. When it comes to building a deck, go with minions on a nice curve (unless you find a specific spell essential for your strategy) and bring minions that are buffed by or interact with spells (expect to see Mana Wyrms and Flakewakers aplenty) since you’ll be casting a ton of those.

You can also bring a minion like Burly Rockjaw Trogg, which gets buffed when your opponent plays a spell, or a Summoning Stone, which gives you a minion with the original cost of the spell you cast rather than the current 0 cost. And, of course, you could load up on spell damage minions since you can easily play them and cast a spell on the same turn. Either way, enjoy the RNG spells.

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