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Hex-Grid Strategy-Card Game ‘Faeria’ Soft Launched in Belgium

Fans of real games better get excited, because Faeria is close to its launch on iOS, with a soft launch starting to roll out now. This game combines hex grid strategy with collectable card games, as you compete against another player to defeat them, but also by modifying the board. Control the board, and you can get a leg up on your enemy with your card placement and various environmental effects. It looks like a rather clever combo of genres in a gorgeous package.

If you want to try this one out, the worldwide launch will be in March. But the iPad version of Faeria is starting now, with Belgium being the first country to get the game. Why Belgium? Well, that’s the home of the Faeria team! Next up will be Canada. Then if all goes well, the worldwide iPad launch will happen afterward. Android is next up after iOS, with iPhone support in the works as well. If you want to check this game out on the go (it’s available in Steam Early Access) then you can do so from this iTunes link, though you’ll need to sign up for a Belgian account unless you want to wait for the Canadian launch. Unless you actually are in Belgium, in which case, thanks for reading TouchArcade and enjoy the game! For non-Belgians, we have a guide for getting soft launch games. And do visit the forum thread to chat about the game and pick up on impressions!

Belgium iTunes Link: Faeria