Wave Light Games has released Demon's Rise 2 [$7.99], but Demon's Rise 1 [$7.99] is not getting left behind. In fact, the original is now catching up with Demon's Rise 2. Wave Light has just updated the game with a bunch of graphical and UI improvements, iCloud save synchronization, new rules to move multiple times in a turn, and updated graphics and audio. Some of the models got an update to look better, too:


The thing that's so cool about this is that you rarely see original games get upates after their sequels release to this sort of degee to where they bring the game back up to par with the sequel. Demon's Rise 2 has a bit of a different approach than Demon's Rise 1 does where that game gives you a wacky cast of characters versus the sequel's more focused list. It's a different experience, but now it's not a technically inferior one. Appreciate indie game developers, folks. And for Demon's Rise 2 players, good news: the game has gotten an update that fixes some bugs and tweaks game balance.

  • Harrison

    Demon's Rise 2 is a little overwhelming for me. Is the first any more noob-friendly?

    • http://www.wavelightgames.com/ WaveLightGames

      DR1 has a lower learning curve and is probably easier to get into.

    • Lickzy

      I found the opposite. What seemed like 1 million character choices in the first game was totally overwhelming for me

      • Pedro Rama da Silva

        Well i just figured something that got me through the overwhelming block, this is just like blackguards, more or less. Dont think it is that overwhelming, it has almost no customization of the characters, which is good, because they progress automatically

      • http://www.wavelightgames.com/ WaveLightGames

        That's a good point, actually. It's an unusual RPG in that it's more about building a team rather than building individual heroes. Both games have large rosters of characters because you're supposed to try different characters and move them in and out of your team as you progress in the campaign. However, that can be overwhelming for starting players. DR1 has an insane roster (30 characters) but there are several pre-built teams that you can use to start with.

  • esty8nine

    ^ I'm the same.

  • Amenbrother

    Love these games!

  • Mj1ggy

    Great developer, responsive to feedback and works really hard on these games.

    • HelperMonkey

      Understatements. All three.

  • scottsoapbox

    Wow thanks to the developers!

  • Discostallion

    This is incredibly cool.