Developer PSA: Don’t Forget to Submit Your Games to the IndiePlus 2017 Contest to Potentially Win $10,000

We’ve posted about it a few times now, but today is sort of a slow news day as the new year spools up and everyone gets back in the habit of releasing new games, so it feels worth reminding everyone once again: Take ten minutes out of your day to submit your game to the 2017 IndiePlus contest. This will be the second year in a row I’m helping judge the whole thing, and it’s the only indie game award I know of that rewards cold hard cash to the winner. I’m always sort of amazed how few folks ends up participating in these sorts of things, having been involved in many similar events in the past. So, for real, submit your dang games, your chances of winning are way better than you think. Even if you don’t win the ten grand, second prize is a Razor Blade Stealth with a Core (which I might just steal from you as you’re walking out) and third place gets an iPad Pro.


The contest is open to everyone, with a few simple rules: You need to be a team of under 30 people (hence the whole “indie" thing), you need to own at least 75% of the IP for your game (so no licensed stuff), and it needs to be both unreleased in the US (soft launched is OK) and not signed to a publisher. Basically, we’re on the hunt for the best upcoming games of 2017 which feels a lot cooler than looking back at 2016 releases (again). For more details, check out the IndiePlus web site and submit your game.