Artsy and Emotional Puzzle Adventure ‘Shards of Memories’ Now Available

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Developer Astrograde Lab had planned on releasing their new puzzle adventure game this past Wednesday night alongside all of the other new releases of the week and didn’t quite make it in time, but as of this morning their game Shards of Memories ($1.99) finally worked its way through Apple approval and arrived on the App Store. Shards of Memories has you piecing together pieces of various objects tangram-style, and the solved puzzles themselves are actually pieces of the storyline in the game, which based on this trailer seems like it might get a big heavy at times.

The story in Shards of Memories is split into 3 chapters and features a total of 91 unique puzzles to solve. What’s interesting is the game gives you some choice as to how you go about completing the puzzles which can lead to multiple different endings for the story. It’s not often that you get puzzle games that attempt to tap into you on an emotional level, and I think it’s what makes Shards of Memories stand out so much. If it looks up your alley it’s just a couple of bucks with no IAP, and you can join in on the discussion of the game in our forums if you like.

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