We are only a few weeks away from Super Mario Run [Free] hitting iOS, so Nintendo thought this was a good time to fire off a few fun gifs and art on Twitter to tease the upcoming Mario runner. Nintendo has been doing this for a few days, and I expect it to continue up until the release. The first tweet was about Mario seemingly jumping faster and further than ever before, the next one had him jumping over obstacles, the third having him doing some very intriguing acrobatic moves where he rolls over a block instead of just jumping over it, and today's has his vaulting over Goombas and Koopa Troopas but not stomping them.

I think Nintendo is probably trying to let those who've never played a Mario game before what the upcoming iOS game will be all about and, of course, building up hype for the upcoming release. Keep an eye on Nintendo's Twitter account for more gifs and art prior to the game's release on December 15th.

  • JohnnyB82

    Can't say Im looking forward to this. Price isnt an issue. Just not a fan of running games. I hope they didn't make him vault over enemies instead of squishing them for the millennials. I know they are a little slow and sensitive... but come on its mario!

    • Mrbestapps

      Price isn't an issue, but same I'm not excited. Auto runner games are never fun. (From my experience)

    • Drelen

      Yep. I agree. It's Mario but that's about it. Nothing special here. I doubt I am even going to download. Runners do never interested me.

  • John D

    $10...no thanks

    • Tom Sawyer

      Useless comments that make me yawn? No thanks.

      • Tallgeese

        10 dollas is 10 dollas... This comment holds more substance than the super common "so excited." But we like it when people B jubilant so it's not nice to harp on that. Poster's just expressing their concern vis-a-vis cost-per-benefit ratio. Nintendy better make a ten dolla game. Finguz krawzt!

      • nini

        But we're supposed to be all "I'll pay $50 for a true AAA game for the good of premium gaming!!", which is it?! Not our fault the core gamer subculture has no damn idea what it wants.

      • nini

        Unless it just wants yet another RPG or strategy game, it's pretty consistent in that respect.

      • Edwin Ramirez

        Or maybe you made a mistake and meant $5 instead of $50. In that case, this Mario themed endless runner costs double but has the same gaming mechanics of any other F2P game.
        So yeah, we do know what we want: we should support premium games but not when they are basically F2P just asking for money upfront.

      • Edwin Ramirez

        I think nobody has an issue paying $50 for AAA games. We do it all the time with our consoles and PCs. But mobile is far from being able to deliver a AAA gaming experience.

      • Tallgeese

        I'm really disappointed they didn't get Jon Snow to voice Mario in this one. WHY EVEN PLAY!?!?!

  • Jay

    I'm definitely looking forward to this. There's so much potential here if they do it right. In fact, I'm very confident that this'll be good because Nintendo knows that any money that could be squeezed out of SMR wouldn't even matter if meant tarnishing the Mario brand.

  • Ethan_Einhorn

    A skill-based Nintendo game with no ads, capped at $10? I CAN'T WAIT. I'm very excited. I hope this sparks a trend; I'd play games on my phone a lot more if we regularly received releases like this. As it stands, I have taken to carrying my Vita in the same pocket as my phone wherever I go, since I don't play games without spend caps.

  • spader623

    Anyone who complains about the price CANNOT complain about lack of premium games.

    • Tallgeese

      It the game sucks I'mma complain about it for other reasons, but I do see what youz tryin' ta sey.

    • Nick Smith

      auto-runners aren't premium game experiences, just stop that argument, please. I will be there day one paying 10 dollars for this because I feel the level of polish and the love of the nostalgia of it all will pay off. But you can't compare an auto-runner to premium game experiences, please people, have some relative level of perspective here, because the mobile scene has warped your mind on what premium even is. You just equate it to something you pay once for and never again, and leave it at that. That's not how it works.

    • Edwin Ramirez

      We have to distinguish between premium games and F2P games asking for money upfront.
      Since when are endless runners premium?

      • Tallgeese

        Well somehow "paid" morphed into "premium." I've played some great free games that I would consider well-done premium experiences because they were professionally made and great enough that I even considered buying from them to support them, I've certainly seen lots of apps I could pay for but they are clearly the opposite of premium. "Premium" is a marketing thing that clouds the issue. Free/Free2Play/Paid/with DLC/with IAP < these terms all make sense as descriptors of access, trash/good/great/amazing < are all good qualitative terms.

  • Press2Play

    It doesn't look like it's teasing.

  • Drizzt79

    "...Those who have never played a Mario game before...". What are these mythical beings of which you speak?!

    • Edwin Ramirez


      • Tallgeese

        The Amish perhaps and almost everyone in North Korea...