Telltale Recapping ‘The Walking Dead’ In Preparation for Season 3

As we wrote about yesterday, Telltale has announced that The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (aka The Walking Dead: Season 3) will premier on Tuesday, December 20th. Now the developers are offering recaps of the story before A New Frontier as a way for those who played the first two season to refresh their memory and also to give newer players not willing to play through the first two seasons some sense of narrative grounding. The first video recaps Episodes 1-3 of Season 1, and I expect these videos to continue up until the new Season’s release. There will be spoilers, of course, so watch at your own peril.

In case you’re late to the Telltale party, most players agree that The Walking Dead Season 1 was the best Telltale game even though (or because?) it was the first to use the narrative-driven recipe Telltale has become synonymous with. I suppose part of why players liked it so much was because they hadn’t played a game like that ever before and were willing to ignore issues such as lack of interactivity and clunky character movement. Excited about the new season?