Microsoft Brings the Classic ‘Solitaire’ to Mobile

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If you ever worked in an office the last 25 years or have grandparents who owned a Windows PC, then you know Microsoft’s Solitaire (Free) all too well, and now you’ll be able to play this classic game on your mobile device. This game came with the Windows OS and became one of the most played games ever not because of how amazing it is but because it was always available to anyone sitting in front of a Windows PC. Don’t underestimate what boredom can do to you; it can even make you play Solitaire countless times in a loop up there with any other groundhog day nightmare. Jokes aside, Microsoft’s Solitaire has probably been a gateway game for many, so it deserves a spot in the hall of fame if just for that.


Microsoft has decided to give Solitaire to the masses by releasing it today on iPhone and iPad, and it comes with a few variations: Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Tripeaks, and Pyramid. It also brings Daily Challenges for more content. The game is F2P with ads. If you want to see what it was to game on a work PC, check out Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

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