Madfinger, developers of some rather visually-stunning games including the Shadowgun franchise, have a new game in that series that they're starting to show off, called Shadowgun Legends. All indications seem to be that this is going to be something similar to Destiny, but for mobile, as a persistent-world shooter with online multiplayer. You'll get tons of guns to collect, customize, and upgrade, along with quests to go on, raiding planets and going on missions. While multiplayer is part of the experience, Madfinger is saying that a solo experience is also possible. Check out the first gameplay footage, which shows off that, wow, this looks good:

While the game was demoed at Gamescom, sadly we weren't there, but the idea of this being like Destiny is being parroted by outlets who checked it out, so this might be worth keeping an eye on. A persistent-world, loot-centric FPS could be a great fit for a mobile game, and Madfinger is nothing if not ambitious with the titles they produce. Plus, I really like the idea of playing something like Destiny or even Borderlands a lot, but I much prefer something I can play on my phone or tablet when I feel like it, so this sounds right up my alley.

  • nkarafo

    I hope it will have single player campaign like the previous game.

    • Valu Gamez

      Yeah, an offline mode would be nice too!

      • Firedog5698

        Online cant happen since it's a persistent shooter

      • Firedog5698

        lol offline

  • fearlesskk

    Lets hope that this wont be bad... Still waiting on borderlands 3

  • Akiratech

    Putting my bid for Apple TV support/ I already know mid controller has to be on the table

  • heringer

    Huh, it says in the end of the trailer "on the way to iOS and Android"

  • zinkdogg

    I've enjoyed Madfinger's games before. This looks sick!!!

  • Der-Kleine

    I'll put my thoughts on that gameplay video this way:

    It looks good, but it doesn't look like it feels good, and that's the part you really need to nail to make a good game in this genre (and incidentally that's the main thing destiny seemed to be good at from what I heard around launch - I haven't really been following the game since it's not on a platform I own)

    • boydstr

      I think the"feels good"quote is something that you only can encounter if you play the game.

    • Kenny Akinde

      Please by all means don't put your thoughts on this then

  • Gurney Halleck

    I like the look of the way the camera seems to convey sudden changes in movement (i.e. head and body bob correlate), I like the melee variety, and if they include a strong single player campaign like in the original ShadowGun I can see this being a lot of fun! I'm interested to see how exactly the "persistent world" and loot elements ply out, but if it's up to par with their previous titles for production and fine tuned controls I'm all in!

  • 김지 킫밸

    Is this confirmed for iphones or just tablets? Because i dont want to grt my man-ties all in a bunch if there is no iphone confirmation.

  • HelperMonkey

    Big question, as always: How are the controls?

    • Tallgeese

      Pilot seems to have some trouble with them (strafing while aiming down the sights for example). It's a mobile game though, so there's more limited control space available unless aided with an outside device.

      • Onikage725

        I'll probably get this on android. I have a GPD XD, which lets you map controls. I've done it with Gameloft shooters and it made a huge difference to me.

    • Amir Hamzah

      i hope its compatible with bluetooth controllers

  • ScotDamn

    Well Bungie did both Halo and Destiny so yeah definitely!

    • crazy dad

      Please be premium and not another ftp fps. Been waiting for a nova 4 but the way go is going...looking forward to this now.

      • Shadowking2214

        Their f2p game Shadowgun Deadzone is actually really good for f2p and it's not bad by any means

      • Shadowking2214

        As in, they don't try to take your money every 3 seconds

      • Mrbestapps

        Premium games make no money. Hardly anyone buys them and most people pirate them anyways... Freemium games are 100000000x better for income

        But don't worry, madfinger games make fair freemium games. You won't need to spend a penny.

  • Mekklesack

    Mind blown!!

  • Weisse

    Better have more content than Destiny. After seeing the video, for a mobile game it looks alright. Will give it a try.

    • speedyph


  • boydstr

    This looks real cool but after my way to high expectations from "Eisenhorn:XENOS"and my disappointment afterwards I have to temper my enthusiasm and wait and see but it looks real cool and "Madfinger"has a lot of experience with mobile shooters so I hope for a great game.

  • apolloa

    I hope they aren't too greedy with the IAP's. I'll give it a go on my iPad Pro and 6S and it will probably run best on my Nvidia Shield TV, hopefully they'll offer cross platform account support like Real Racing 3 does.

  • taiga97

    This looks like dead trigger with a shadowgun skin to me, I hope I'm dead wrong.

  • Press2Play

    Too much kicking and enemy ai act stupid, but maybe on the final release it will be better.

    • boydstr

      That is something that appeals to me in "Dead Trigger 1/2 you can make melee kills in the old "Duke Nukem"games you can give someone the boot a bit of variety makes in my view more interesting gameplay.

  • Tallgeese

    TA just informed me Neon Shadow is free, it looks like a similar style game if anyone's craving mobile fps madness. Xibalba is also pretty great...

    • crazy dad

      Neon shadow is a good game. Very minimal in what you can do. Think modernized doom. Problem with it was when I played, right when it came out, was there was hardly anyone online. Still very much worth picking up and I've enjoyed the solo campaign a couple times through.

  • Jakeopp

    Likely another in app purchase filled piece of trash (prove me wrong madfinger)

  • Septim

    Looks good. It all comes down to monetization and app size. Hopefully they can get both down.

  • Regjohn

    it's f2p so it will suck

    • Steph

      Grow up kiddo

      • Regjohn

        I'm 32

    • boydstr

      Sometimes there are real good FTP games released that can be played without spending any money but it's a fine line look at Dead Trigger 1/2 I still play this sometimes and still not spending any money on it most of the time you can buy better weapons armor etc. and I don't like to pay for powerful weapon because it feels to me like PTW but never seen the option in a game to buy extra levels.

      • Regjohn

        This model change the core gaming mechanics and IMO it sucks. Guess I'm old school but i like full games regarding the price.

      • boydstr

        I agree I like also full games and when I like them, regardless the price but as I wrote before some free games are still nice to play without spending but my preference lies in paid games.

  • DatLoLiPop1

    I hope that this game will be playable offline, not like MC 5 or some other games.

  • Kenny Akinde

    If you have a Google Pixel C, Nvidia shield k1 or an iPad pro then this game will literally be destiny for you can't wait for it 🤣😄