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‘Asgard Rift: Battle Arena’ Is Looking for Beta Testers in Our Forums, Going Into Soft Launch Soon

Asgard Rift: Battle Arena is an upcoming tactical card game that will remind you of the iOS classic Hero Academy (Free), and it’s looking for beta testers in our forums. The game boasts plenty of characters for you to collect and evolve – each with his or her unique skills and special attacks – and a focus on PVP. As the characters evolve, their looks change, and when you beat your opponents, you take their trophies away from them and leave them crying in a corner.

Since this is a card game, you’ll be collecting cards of various rarities as you build up your army, and on the way you’ll be unlocking new arenas. I do like my card games and my tactical ones as well, so Asgard Rift sounds just up my alley. The game will be going into soft launch in Italy and the UK on August 30th and is also looking for beta testers in our forums. So, if Asgard Rift is tickling your fancy, head over to our forums and check out the beta.