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Could ‘Shadowgun Legends’ be ‘Destiny’ for Mobile?

Madfinger, developers of some rather visually-stunning games including the Shadowgun franchise, have a new game in that series that they’re starting to show off, called Shadowgun Legends. All indications seem to be that this is going to be something similar to Destiny, but for mobile, as a persistent-world shooter with online multiplayer. You’ll get tons of guns to collect, customize, and upgrade, along with quests to go on, raiding planets and going on missions. While multiplayer is part of the experience, Madfinger is saying that a solo experience is also possible. Check out the first gameplay footage, which shows off that, wow, this looks good:

While the game was demoed at Gamescom, sadly we weren’t there, but the idea of this being like Destiny is being parroted by outlets who checked it out, so this might be worth keeping an eye on. A persistent-world, loot-centric FPS could be a great fit for a mobile game, and Madfinger is nothing if not ambitious with the titles they produce. Plus, I really like the idea of playing something like Destiny or even Borderlands a lot, but I much prefer something I can play on my phone or tablet when I feel like it, so this sounds right up my alley.