This past Friday, a Sonic The Hedgehog bombshell was dropped at an event at San Diego Comic-Con that was celebrating the blue hedgehog's 25th anniversary. Sega, in collaboration with Pagodawest Games, Christian Whitehead, and Simon "Stealth" Thomley, have announced a brand new Sonic game called Sonic Mania. It once again tries to tap into what made the original set of Sonic games so beloved back in the 16-bit era, and features classic-style visuals, gameplay, and both original levels and remixes of classic levels. It pretty much sounds like the Sonic game fans have been begging for for decades, and, at least based on the trailer, it looks like it might finally deliver.

Now, as you probably know, Whitehead and Thomley are the duo known for bringing the incredible remastered versions of Sonic The Hedgehog [] and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 [] to mobile devices, which all started with Whitehead building his own engine and essentially rebuilding Sonic CD [Free] from scratch for mobile back in 2010. Pagodawest is also an experienced developer with several releases on the App Store, most notably the Major Magnet series. So there's every reason to get excited at the potential for Sonic Mania, but there's also every reason to exercise caution. The Sonic Cycle exists for a reason, after all.

Anyway, currently Sonic Mania is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2017, but I am keeping all my extremities crossed that we'll see a mobile port at some point down the line. I mean, that just makes sense, right? Unless Sega hates money. Which they might. At any rate, I figured there's enough Sonic fans in our audience to warrant sharing the amazing trailer above even without a mobile version being announced, and we'll be following the development of Sonic Mania closely just in case Sega decides to throw us mobile gamers a bone.

  • RossmanBrosGames

    Awesome! Will get it on a console platform, but would love to see mobile as well. Played Sonic 2 on mobile and thought it was great. Finally got all the chaos rings! Though, growing up as a little brother, I was always forced to play as tails, so it was bound to be a better experience.

  • vectorarchitekt

    Christian Whitehead being involved is a guarantee for me.
    This is going to be great!

  • HelperMonkey

    We'll end up with a match 3 version.
    Or we'll get Sonic Go, in which you collect virtual rings in real life, but you must run as fast as possible to get them, sprinting around golf courses, racing into traffic, stampeding through office buildings and libraries. A sure hit.
    Sega will mess this up.

    • Jared Nelson

      I agree, we will get some new stupid Sonic mobile game, BUT, I don't think that means they won't also port Sonic Mania over once it's had its run on consoles and PC. Especially if it's built in Taxman's Retro Engine, which I'm not certain it is but seems pretty likely.

  • mozaicflo

    You know what looked good, performed well, and was progressive for the title? "Rayman Adventures" and "Pokemon Go". This is Sega being regressive in hopes that what once worked and was cool will still be cool. I can't believe how many missteps Sega has made with the "Sonic the Hedgehog" title. Maybe some long time fans will enjoy this, but I was hoping for something more progressive and impressive. My stinking phone has the ability to display awesome graphics...take advantage of that Sega!

    • nini

      I blame core gamers always telling Sega that their best games were from the 16-bit days so they're constantly chasing that, just a haze of nostalgia and faded dreams. Of course they've also got themselves to blame for never really doing anything new and when they did try, it failed hard.

    • mozaicflo

      "Geometry Wars 3D" and "Mortal Combat X" are additional examples of nicely revitalized versions of a title.

  • bigrand1

    Ho-Ho-Ho! I just wet my old man diapers again!!! Wasn't expecting this!! I'm really hoping this will be the one we've been waiting for for so long! Keeping my old arthritic fingers crossed!!! (....again....) Just wish it was gonna happen sooner! I can't wait!!!

  • MK

    Would be cool to play it on mobile. I wouldn't be surprised if it's ported to it later.

  • bigmonkeynads

    Probably the smartest decision SEGA has made in a loooooong time!

  • Zerol3onheart

    I wonder why this wasn't announced for mobile on day 1. It seems like a misstep to me.