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‘Legend of the Skyfish’ Will Be Submited to Apple Soon, Hopefully Release Day Not Far Off

We’ve been keeping an eye on the upcoming Legend of Skyfish by Crescent Moon and Mgaia Studios for a few months now, and the game is finally getting closer to release. According to a recent tweet, the game is going to be submitted to the App Store soon, which hopefully means the game isn’t far off from landing on your device. If you haven’t been following our coverage of the game, Legend of the Skyfish is a top-down action-adventure-puzzle game with gorgeous hand-painted art that will remind you of classic Zelda games. The game’s claim to fame is the choice of the main character’s weapon, a fishing pole that allows you to hook enemies and drag them to you. Most gamers love grappling hook-style gameplay, and this is an interesting take on it.

The developers have been very active in our forums, posting art and gifs from the game, so you should check the thread out if you’re interested in seeing more of Legend of the Skyfish. You can even see the golem boss, Grulak, (better name pending) in action, and the variety of his attacks. The game looks really good, and I hope we get our hands on it soon. Apple submission has been pretty quick recently, so fingers crossed.