Movie tie-in games are notoriously bad, and movie tie-in mobile games even more so. Oftentimes the game's release is tied to the release of the film, so development cycles are rushed in order to get the game out in time resulting in a far worse experience than if the game had the proper amount of time needed to develop it fully. But that's not always the case, as the surprise release of Suicide Squad: Special Ops [Free] this week has shown us. It's a wave-based first-person arena shooter of sorts starring three of the main characters from Suicide Squad, which opens in theaters August 5th. The mobile game is an arena-style survival shooter where you take on waves of enemies while also running around gathering up supplies to keep the party rolling. It's pretty similar to the Call of Duty: Zombies [$4.99] games that were super popular on mobile a few years back.


The craziest thing about Suicide Squad: Special Ops is that the entire game is free and there's no ads, IAP, or any other monetization scheme to speak of. There's a link to the movie's trailer on the title screen, but that's about it. This sucker is just some free fun. Another crazy thing is that the developer Sticky Studios has stated in the game's forum thread that they built Suicide Squad: Special Ops from scratch in just 3.5 months. They had previous experience making an first-person shooter game, but still, this feels like a more polished effort than 90% of the games released that were in development for a much longer time.

It's definitely a simplistic experience and there's not really any story or anything to speak of, but Suicide Squad: Special Ops is one of the better first-person shooters I've come across on mobile, and Sticky Studios hints that they might expand what they've done here into a more full-fledged (non-Suicide Squad-branded) game at some point in the future. For something fun to toy around with over the weekend, I'd definitely recommend giving this one a free download.

  • sobriquet

    WHAT? Free, no ads or iap and it's about one of the most interesting team books comics has to offer. I'm in. Thanks for pointing this out, Jared.

  • IAP-king

    really? I might check it out then

  • shining jade

    Will be free no ads for a little while that's how it normally goes .. Google version oddly has in apps.. Enjoy non inapp no ads and no wifi needed it while it lasts be careful with updates as well ..

  • Adam Abuelheiga

    It's definitely a lot better than that Temple Run knockoff that Batman v Superman had.

  • PGGamer

    This game is amazing. And Harley is looking sexy af. Period.


    Free or not, this is a really fun game. And I'm not even a huge fan of the franchise. (Let the hate bashing begin...)

    • Bassequaliser

      In one year, nobody has fulfilled your self-sacrificing prophecy. And still the stone has not been thrown. And so shall this not come to pass. Bassequaliser 1:1

  • boydstr

    I like to see a "Dead Island" kind of game with self made weapons and firearms sandbox style.

  • lonestarcarper

    Wow - don't be scared off by free, best game to movie tie in sense NES goonies 👍🏻

  • Hunor Lozsadi

    this is a verry good game!!!