It seems the US launch of Pokemon Go [Free] has been a ... bit of a sh*t show, for lack of a better way to put it. The game seems to be totally overloaded with players, which I suppose is a good problem for Niantic to have, but it's left more than a few people in our community wondering if there's just no Pokestops and Pokemon gyms near them... Or if the game is just stuck eternally loading map points which never appear. Well, thankfully there's a pretty great way to scope out your neighborhood for nearby Pokemon Go locations, as well as potentially scout out other locations you could swing by soaking up Pokeballs and other goodies.

The trick is courtesy of Niantic's other game, Ingress [Free], which is pretty similar to Pokemon Go, but without the Pokemon skin on top. What Ingress has that Pokemon Go doesn't have is a fully browsable online map of "portals" which are effectively the Ingress equivalent of Pokestops and gyms. To access the map, you'll need to download Ingress and sign in with your Google account. From there, you go through a few steps to actually get into the game like agreeing to the EULA and things like that. Once your Google account is recognized as an Ingress account, visit this page, log in with that same account, and you're in business.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.09.07 PM

The blue circles in the above map from Ingress map directly to where my local Pokestops and gyms are. The Ingress web site is super slow, but if you're willing to do a little screwing around with your browser you can install a couple plugins and filter out all the irrelevant non-Pokemon Go points on the map. Neat trick, eh?

  • DotComCTO

    If you're going to install Ingress and play, you should choose to join the Resistance (blue) faction.

    • rk

      False. It's highly recommended you join Enlightened (green).

      • DotComCTO

        Generally, in wars, The Resistance are the good guys. WW2? French Resistance. Star Wars? The Rebellion. 🙂

        So, join the Enlightened if you like, but realize who the good guys are...The Resistance. 😉

      • Dargo Wolf

        There are no 'good guys' in wars, it's all a matter of perspective.

      • IainsTheName

        Are you saying the Emporer was the good guy?? (I know exactly what you're saying. I just like to play Devils Advocate...)

      • DotComCTO

        And evidently Hitler was a good guy, too. I guess you just had to get to know him better??

      • Wats

        At least Hitler knew Jews were full of shit. Look at what's happening to innocent children in Palestine right now.

      • Wll

        Fuck you asshole, why don't you stop being an ignorant biased bitch

      • Clara6523

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      • Kay Brams

        That escalated quickly

      • Tallgeese

        There are crappy people everywhere, don't heap this all on the jews, especially when there are Israelis who disagree with how their country "handles" Palestine.

      • GeneralPotato

        Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down there David Duke. Firstly, Palestine hasn't existed in about 70 years. Secondly, the Palestinians were the instigators of conflict. Hamas set up their missiles next to schools full of children!!!! They wanted the IDF to fire back and kill those children so they could paint the Israelis as killers. Many Palestinians have committed mass stabbings, bombings and other terrorist attacks. Finally, can we just give the Jews a little break? All they want is their own country in their historic home which has been taken from them on numerous occasions. They want Temple Mount to themselves because it is their only real holy site left. Muslims still have their ancient cities and holy sites (Several in Mecca and Medina alone) But the Jews only have one city. The have had genocide committed against them at least three times historically (The Holocaust, the Romani Genocide and the unnamed genocide during the black plague) Cut them some slack for crying out loud.

      • Andreas Schiemann

        Just hold up there a 2nd, there religion told, them if they don't listen they will lose there land. So they are firstly denying there faith and secondly being assholes. Just to mention, I am not agreeing with what Hamas is doing did. But this all depends on perspective. I'm South African and looking from the outside in.

      • Kay Brams

        Yeah, and just join blue already

      • Frank Hopewell-Smith

        Rule of the internet - you lose!

      • Grim

        I dont think you understand the idea of no bad or *good*.

      • JoeGoran

        Hitler rose to power as a 'rebel' leader that attempted a coup against the established government. Sorry to burst your Resistance = Good guys bubble.

      • Supergamesniper9

        This is by far the fastest I've ever seen Godwin's Law put into effect.

      • Justin James

        To us he was a bad guy, and yes he did evil things, but to himself and germany, he was a hero, he did pull the country out of a major economic depression. thats what he meant by perspective. the good guys and bad guys are only relative to what side you are one. example, to the emperor, the rebels were the bad guys.

      • Jeffery Bydawell

        Well to his people he was good. A lot of the technology we use was inspired by Nazi germany... Hitler was a God to his people..

      • hallvard økland

        a villain is a hero of the enemys side...

      • Sally McSaggyTits

        Hitler followers are not allowed here. Gtfo.

      • Kramer42

        Yeah, actually he was.

        The Emporer created jobs, abolished slavery, and destroyed a group of militarized self appointed demi-gods who had no oversight, regulation, or accountability (The Jedi's, who..trained for years to become a jack of all trades, being P.I.s, body guards, and diplomats, but always going to the tried and true "kill some fuckers"). He also allows freedom of religion. He gets a standardized currency (none of that "republic credits aren't good here!"). Economically, he's outstanding. yeah, his security sucks in the OT (seriously..seriously sucks..) but he probably assumed he's on the side of right, so /ofc/ the force is favoring him, and honestly, other than a few assholes who refuse to accept change (Jedi's are painfully traditional.. it allows them to be destroyed.) people seem to really support the Empire. Yeah, they're shown as the bad guys.. But we're seeing this from the view point of, effectively, terrorists who want to go back to enforcing laws on an ancient religion.

      • Tallgeese

        Uh...No. The Galactic Republic formally outlawed slavery with the Rights of Sentience. The Sith clearly don't allow freedom of religion if "kill all the jedi" is their mantra (and what they hope to rekindle is THEIR ancient religion.) It's "Emperor," and no, anyone who creates and uses planet destroyers to settle conflicts or make points is a total a-hole, bro, not a partial, "he probably did a good thing to offset that, cuz think of all the robot jobs he created" but a total one.

      • Kramer42

        The galactic republic outlawed slavery, but it was still a thing they clearly turned a blind eye to, even in areas near where they worked. You don't crash land on a planet a few hours out of your way-- slaves where on tatooine which must have been fairly near to where they where working at. The "kill all Jedi" has less to do with their religious beliefs and more to do with their occupation -- yano, self-appointed demi gods who have shown a lack of efficiency and a love for dicing and slicing (yes, the preach peace.. but when's the last time they used serious restraint? They reach for their weapons as soon as they aren't 100% sure they're not in danger) aside from that.. when did the empire try to rekindle the sith? Because unless I'm forgetting something, I don't remember Palatine and Vader setting up classes on Koriiban (I'm sure i misspelled that..) as for the planet destroying thing? Yeah, that's pretty bad. On a galactic scale, though, it's about on par with nukes. It's relative. Sure, that doesn't make it better but each planet is effectively a country in the starwars universe, and nukes could easily wipe a country off the face of the earth.. war is hell- and people do alot of horrible things during it.. but that doesnt necessarily mean they're bad. The rebels destroyed an entire moon-sized base full of innocent soldiers. Sure, some where probably fanatic assholes, but some undoubtedly just needed to do that for the equivalent of a GI Bill. Amd "robot jobs"? He built a huge military complex. He's hiring real people. The republic... do they even have an army? Or do they just send their Jedi Dogs after anyone who displeases them? I mean, sure, they had the clones, but that army wasn't authorized by the republic. Yet we see them and Jedi and... whatever jarjar's people are called.. fighting. Noone else. Another big thing to remember.. the empire is /not/ the sith. Vader was a sith. The Emporer is the leader of the empire, the (somewhat fascist) military created to unite the galaxy under a single ruler, rather than the beauracratic mess the republic was.

      • Red_Hawk

        We have to state wether we're talking about "The Old Republic" era, "The Republic" era (new trilogy), "The Empire" era (original trilogy), or however the new era in the movie is called.
        Each "side" in each era has very different beliefs and I think we should talk about them separately rather than all the "good guys" together and all the "bad guys" together.

      • Kramer42

        I'm talking OT and prequels, not including new hope which is where the next major faction would come in. There was no republic in the OT, there was the rebels, which aimed to recreate the galactic republic from the prequels. Alternatively, the prequels is where the empire from OT was created. Using the variations in the world of the OT and the prequels, you can see what kind of action is being done by these nations.

        That being said, the sides didn't really change much. Just the time of their empire did.These weren't different eras- nothing really indicates that the human-like species (obi, annikin, luke, etc) age any differently than we do, so the whole set of the first 6 movies takes place in roughly.. 40 years? Anakin is ~7 when found, grows to somewhere around 20, has Luke who's about 20 when he joins the rebels? I mean, obviously you have to run a paramilitary group set on causing a coup differently than a nation, but it's the same political faction (initially run by Palatine, then Vader and the Emporer). The "rebels" are basically the galactic republic + Jedis, which is the two sides of "good" guys the OT

      • Red_Hawk

        Yeah, that is true. The rebels do have the same/similar ideas to the rpublic, just with different resources, of course. However the Trade Federation and the Empire are very different. We can compare the Empire ideas to Nazism; they had racist ideas and therefore enslaved all none-human races (or at least control them) and only allowed humans to "sign up" to be troopers.
        The Trade Federation started simply when this group (whose main role was traiding shipments and whatnot) were unsatified with the terms set by the republic so they created a "wall" to prevent all trading with a major planet, Naboo (as seen in episode 1). They end up creating their own army to fight the republic forces and create their own union by convincing/forcing races to join their union. They seeked a trade union controlled by themselves. Yes, Palpatine was sort of in control, but not fully, he allowed the Federation to work by itself whilst he secretly was preparing for his "coup" and create the Empire.

      • Estevan Ruiz

        actually the death star was built (in large part) by wookie slaves, not robots.

      • GeneralPotato

        The Jedi did not want to enforce laws. It's like saying that the Sikh want everyone to carry a sword. They are peaceful unless violence is the only option. Besides, no one self identifies as the dark side if they think they are good.

      • Tallgeese

        The Jedi (Council) didn't want to enforce the laws? Where are you people getting all of this? Galactic Fox News?

      • Leonidas Faux

        Did I watch a different Star Wars than you?

      • Ty Christian Meador

        +1 For posting a comical reply, and making it obvious. The people below are far to serious...

      • Chad

        The empire wasn't a good guy however there take over was better it was silent and with out huge market incident the Rebels killed key government officials, blew up two Death Stars and plunges the galaxy into a terrorist war that will for sure hurt the Galactic economy for hundreds of years honestly the ending of star wars as a whole is pretty impossible from an economic and governmental stand point

      • Kenny Webbley

        actually the first death star hurt the galactic economy, why do you think it is so easy to destroy a Tie Fighter? The answer is because they spent their money on the death stars, so they have to use sub par materials for their other ships.

      • Christopher Myers

        The Emperor WAS a good guy. He liberated the galaxy from a theocratic order of zealots whose goto weapons of choice were pocket sized cutting laser whose only non-lethal capabilities involve dismemberment. He brought law and order to the gang ridden Outer-Rim as well as created a huge economic boom with large scale public works projects and opened the military back up to a non-automated workforce. Technology under the Empire made great advances as well. The emperor was presented as the bad guy, and as a guy he might have been a bad dude, but as a leader he did more for more people than the Jedi/Senate combo ever did.

      • Estevan Ruiz

        the emperor was not a "good" or "bad" guy, both are perspective. however when the emperor rose to power he did it legally hrough the established political system, so not much backlash happened economically speaking and the majority of people's lives went on unaffected by the faraway change in leadership. however when the rebelion happened the galactic economy fell into ruin due to the loss of resources from blowing up two intergalactic suerweapons that had cost trillions of planet's resources (using earth as the base for a planet's resources) to make as well as quadrillions of credits. Then they assassinated both the political leader and his clear second, leaving the political system in chaos. The rebels didn't exactly win and take charge right after the death of the Emperor and Vader. They caused massive economic destabilization and political upheaval, causing the galaxy to fall into a depression that didn't go away for many years and cost quadrillions of live in the followup war, whereas the emperor coming to power only cost some thousands of Jedi, so who was evil? the stable political leader who came to power properly or the ragtag rebel group that destabilized an entire galaxy for generations all because they wanted a different style of government that most people didn't care about having?

      • GeneralPotato

        I see what you're saying, but his point is that resistances are generally a response to tyranny. Assuming that you think tyranny is an inherent evil, the resistance (which by its nature opposes tyranny) must be good. Plus, I think that there are sometimes 'good guys' in wars. There are some things that are always wrong.

      • Kramer42

        No, a rebellion is not often against tyranny. A rebellion often uses that claim, when it wins, same way the standing government will simply call them terrorist if they lose. There are some things that are inherently wrong-- yes -- but that doesn't make a rebellion inherently right. Rebellion and terrorist are both two sides of the same coin-- it only defines which side you agree with .

      • Estevan Ruiz

        right and wrong are opinions, and the definition of "tyranny" is an evil dictatorship(basically) so that point is also correct, however rebellions can be sparked by many things, religious disagreement is a major one. In this case it was a mixture of that and a want for democracy even though it was (statistically speaking) less efficient and peaceful than the empire, and the empire had more happy people than the republic, which is why the rebellion was underfunded and understaffed and would never have won without force sensitive individuals

      • rk

        The "good guys" also tend to be the underdog. I may be wrong, but Enlightened are consistently the underdogs. But I suppose the more Resistance there are, the easier it is for us Enlightened to level up.

      • DotComCTO

        I think it depends on the area, but in my home area, the Resistance is outnumbered, so every agent counts. I think the same is true in NYC and the boroughs (e.g., Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx & Staten Island). That whole area is strongly Enlightened, but again a few extra Resistance agents can make all the difference.

      • Bairhug

        War isnt about who's right, its about who's left

      • Tallgeese

        Thanks, Wadsworth. Water, please!

      • Estevan Ruiz

        *clapping in the corner of a silent room full of the angry mediocrity"

      • Matthew Coykendall

        ISIS considers themselves the resistance. They hate modernization. Choose the enlightened.

      • Tim Cooper

        Daesh is also a theocratic operation, so they consider themselves enlightened too. 😉

      • Tim Cooper

        Yeah, generally. Like the People's Liberation Army being the good guys compared to the Kuomintang (they weren't) or the Indian National Army to the British Empire (they weren't, to the point it threw its lot in with the Imperial Japanese) or the French Revolutionists to the House of Bourbon (I don't think I need to go into too much detail there) or the Lord's Resistance Army to several of the governments of Central Africa (again, no).

        We tend to have a "revolutionaries are good" narrative in the Western Hemisphere narrative because of our national histories/hagiographies. It's not necessarily accurate.

      • Tallgeese

        Thanks, I did not know what a hagiography is. We certainly like rooting for the Rocky character/underdog archetypes...

      • Tallgeese


      • Hal Jast

        Agree completely, the enlightened just want to use XM to control the populous. Not very "good" if you ask me.

      • George

        The Khmer Rouge? The Korean People's Liberation Front? ISIS?

        Scrapy bands of rebels are not, by default, good guys.

      • Rick McCallister

        ISIS sees themselves "The Resistance" too.

      • Leonidas Faux

        You are correct, however, in Ingress, the Blue team fights to "control humankind in order to preserve their freedom and peace" which is EXACTLY what tyrants or dictators claim they do. Blue team is clearly the evil team.

      • Matthew Mottern

        This whole string of comments was just fantastic. Finally made it full circle, and back to the blue team being evil again.

      • Estevan Ruiz

        dictators are not always bad, in history a monarchy (close to a dictatorship) is actually the only form of government that has shown to last (China and Egypt lasted far longer with monarchs than any democracy ever has by quite a bit) and they are usually happier and more stable

      • Jason Diamond

        Good and bad is a matter of perspective, which side you're on, and how much propaganda you listen to.

      • ethan montes

        One man's rebellion is another man's terrorism

    • Youtea

      Viva la resistance!

    • chrisk

      get your nerd stuff outta here, we're talkin' pokemon!

    • Scott

      I have to agree with DotComCTO, Join Blue (Resistance) In Game story, Resisting the takeover of the Alien "Shapers" controlling our minds.. LOL. Agents must resist the takover.

    • Tony Moon

      Truth, don't be a dirty green hippie.

  • smellsofbikes

    Maybe the map isn't loading but in my local area, precisely zero of the 20 ingress portals are pokestops.
    Also, yes, join ingress, join Resistance, defeat those evil aliens.

    • Jordan Hilton

      Who's good and who's bad is a matter of perspective cause if ww2 the Germans believed hitler was good because before he came to power Germany was in a Great Depression because of ww1 they lost all or most military strength and lost most of Thier land they conquered so in ww2 to Germany hitler was good buh to almost everyone else hitler was evil. In Star Wars the resistance is good to people who are being held captive by Vader and the sith and the dark side but to clones who are on vaders side and the sith and the dark side they are evil. So it's just a matter of perspective

  • curtisrshideler

    Downloaded this morning since coworkers were all playing. Turns out my iPhone 6 with iOS 8.4.1 must not like it. Crashes after flashing the publisher/developer splash screen. Cool looking App... Icon.

    • Stephen Dedalus

      It's not your phone, it's the ongoing server issues. Server downtime has been about 60% since launch.

    • Daniel Scott

      Toss out your Fischer Price toddle iPhone and get a real phone. Think Different, and buy an Android.

  • anonymous827390

    is it just the blue ones that are gyms/pokestops? or are the green ones gyms/pokestops as well?

    • Jess

      The blue ones are Resistance and the green are enlighted. White portals arent owned. They are all portals

    • Mikael Nyhlén

      The green ones are the good portals while the blue ones should be attacked and made green
      Yeah, they're all pokestops/gym

  • Tallgeese

    And for the record, I can think of a million better ways to explain how what is ostensibly a child's game launched.

  • Mikael Nyhlén

    When you sign up for Ingress, you should obviously choose the green faction, Enlightened!

    • Trojianmaru

      Last time I checked, we're winning now (We used to be losing 3-1 when I stoped playing. Got sick of hackers ruining the game. no matter how much I walked around, some douche sat at home could trick his gps into thinking he was right there n retake all the portals faster than I could take them. Remember looking around n seeing nobody for miles as he retook my portal.....fucking papasmurf

      • Mikael Nyhlén

        The Stockholm X-faction community is pretty good at getting rid of, or atleast "lockout" players that spoof. I've seen much more of spoofing in PoGo than i've done in Ingress
        The global score is switching each septicycle, so it's pretty even on that front nowadays

  • Forbidden404

    ha resistance can't win and has to resort to online comment recruits

  • Kameron Hart

    How did this escalade from pokemon to FUCKING HITLER AND JEWS?

  • Alex Ehrenhalt

    .................i am SO CONFUSED i came here looking for Pokemon go map and i see comment section full of war tactics ect?