Hey PalmPilot People, ‘Ackeron: Dark Sun’ Has Been Remade for the App Store

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I’m not sure what it was about PalmOS that was so awesome, but in a time before WiFi or cellular data it seemed like I lived on my PalmPilot. Hell, I feel like you could make a strong argument on the Palm V being one of the best PDA’s ever made. I had my calendar, (offline) email, a ton of games, a bunch of books, newspapers, and other stuff that seemed to provide a shocking amount of usefulness and entertainment for how incredibly basic it all was compared to what we have today. PalmOS games were typically remarkably simple, largely due to the limitations of the platform. You can only do so much with a grayscale screen and 16Mhz processor. Ackeron: Dark Sun was in a league of its own when it was released in the late 90’s, offering a full RPG experience with a level of complexity that was sort of unheard of for PalmOS games. Here’s what it used to look like:

outside inside
town combat2

…And here’s what it looks like now, totally remade for iOS:

It’s incredibly cool to see such an old and obscure RPG get such an extensive rework. Honestly, I’d be a little shocked if more than a few people reading TouchArcade even heard of Ackeron, much less played the original. Also, hilariously enough, the Ackeron ($0.99) remake is also significantly cheaper than the original. It launched at $2.99, meanwhile, the original PalmPilot game seemed to have no problem selling for $19.99 to PalmPilot fanatics looking for a deeper game. The original saw some pretty great reviews in its day, but sadly it seems literally all of the PalmPilot sites referenced are now offline… So I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.

This is awesome, and if you share similar spirit animals with our own Shaun Musgrave and really enjoy playing the most crazy obscure RPG’s imaginable… Definitely do not miss Ackeron: Dark Sun.

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