Fans of Warhammer and strategy games, rejoice. Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan [$9.99], the turn-based strategy game based on the Battlefleet Gothic tabletop miniatures game, is out now. I've been looking for a good strategy game to play, and I think this one fits the bill just fine. The game faithfully translates the board game experience to your tablet and iPhone and lets you blow up huge spaceships at will. Based on the Shield of Baal campaign, the game should please all you Warhammer fans out there, which will be a good thing since most of the Warhammer-based games of recent haven't been that amazing (with some notable exceptions).

The game offers a campaign mode, where you'll control the Imperial Navy and the infamous Space Marines fleets as you try to eradicate Tyranids. More interestingly to me at least, the game also offers a synchronous PvP mode as well as local multiplayer. With the large selection of ships to choose from and the many ways in which you can customize them, Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan should a blast to play, pun intended. The game is out now, and it's a premium title.

  • Poo

    I want this I just don't have the money right now.

    • Clara6523

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  • err404

    This is a very good rendition of the tabletop miniatures game. While I have not played on the iPhone yet, the controls should work well on a small screen. They are very intuitive with large touch boxes. Also this is true premium game with no IAP

  • Qaioud





    • Dethedrus

      Alriiiiiighty then.

    • Dragon27777

      Seems like a happy person

  • durp

    The trailer is pretty underwhelming. Maybe it's just me, but the 6-sided dice in outer space just busts through the fourth wall - I want a simulation of space combat, not a simulation of the simulation of space combat.

    That being said, I am a sucker for turn based tacticals - I will probably end up buying this if reviews are positive.

    • Jim Shorts

      If you haven't, you should try Star Hammer.

  • JP Falcon

    So the campaign mode is for solo play, correct?

    • err404

      Yes. Its a light story vs AI.