Classic Action-RPG ‘Titan Quest’ Is Now on Android

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If you’re an Android user who’s been looking for a meaty Action-RPG to spend hours on, look no further as Titan Quest has just released on Android after spending a couple of months on the iOS side of the gaming world. Titan Quest is the port of the classic PC game from back in the day, and while it has some issues – as our very own Shaun Musgrave pointed out in his review – it’s still a great choice for players looking for a premium game that offers close to 30 hours of killing ancient monsters. Titan Quest will remind you a lot of Diablo, if you’ve ever played any of the games in that franchise, and offers a big, open world with a full day/night cycle, 30 character classes with 150 different character skills to learn, and much, much more.

While most of its gameplay elements will be very familiar to gamers of today, Titan Quest‘s mythological theme definitely helps it stand out from the crowd. As the name implies, you’ll have to fight against Titans, who have escaped from prison and want to – of course – destroy the earth. So, instead of fighting against hellish beings or weird, fantasy creatures, you’ll fight minotaurs, gorgons, and many other mythological creatures as you explore places like Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Babylon. If you’re ready to kill all kinds of monsters while acting out your Hercules fantasies, get the game here.

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