This is a good day for Android gamers who enjoy premium games. After Titan Quest, which released earlier today, Android just got the port of a legendary game, Final Fantasy VII. While for most of you I could just stop here, those who either haven't played the game or don't know the quality of the port, read on. As our JRPG expert, Shaun Musgrave, talked about in his review, there's no Japanese RPG more famous and high-selling than Final Fantasy VII. It's a game that shifted the course of the genre and proved there was an audience for RPGs in the western market. The game spawned all kinds of peripheral content, including a CG movie.

The game holds up pretty well in 2016, even though the visuals do show their age (of course, not many will play Final Fantasy VII for its visuals). The port doesn't utilize the touchscreen that much, especially when it comes to how menus work. And while overall the game plays well, there are some issues, like the save system for example, that bring the experience down a notch.

If you want to know more about the port, I suggest you go and read Shaun's excellent review. But for most gamers who were either around when the game came out or love nostalgia trips, this is a must-by, even at $15.99. Keep in mind that the game requires over 4GB space to download, and if you aren't sure whether your device can play the game, Square published a handy list with recommended hardware.

Final Fantasy VII Android download

  • Syrik_Zero

    The FF7 port does work really well with the on-screen keyboard. It's pretty unnatural using it over just touching what you want though. Seems weird to say that even.

    Anyway, when is FF8 coming? FF9 came out of no where and wasn't even available on PC. FF8 has already been ported to PC and isn't on mobile yet. It's the only piece of the FF series left of my childhood that isn't available. It was always my personal favorite as well.

    • Clara6523

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  • Onikage725

    I bought the GPD XD, a Chinese android handheld with built in buttons and button-mapping software (designed with the DS clamshell design). I have FF IX on there and it is perfect. This will go great alongside it!

  • NaeemTHM

    I refuse to buy FFVII after playing the FANTASTIC FF IX port. Is there any reason why Sqaure didn't give VII the same treatment? It feels so wrong that they farted out arguably their most influential game with virtual buttons.

    • leonffs

      Yeah I agree. I see no reason to purchase this over just running my iso's (from my legally purchased original discs) on ePSXe, which also has a virtual keyboard.

    • planetmidgar

      Apparently, the port was handled by DotEMU and IX was, in my opinion more expertly, ported by Silicon Studios Thailand.

  • Gamera Love

    i hope dragon quest 7 also have english version

  • macatron

    Yeah, I agree. It makes absolutely NO sense that FF9 got a better port for touch screens than FF7. Hopefully Square/Enix will eventually give it the same treatment, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • leonffs

    On screen keyboard sucks. I don't understand why they couldn't implement touch controls. They work fantastically in FF9.