Overkill's popular Payday series of bank heist games is jumping from desktop to mobile with the upcoming Payday: Crime War. And if you're thinking this might be some tie-in simulation game that is only related in name and theme to the main franchise, you thought wrong! This seems to be a bit different from the co-operative bank heist missions you can go on in the main franchise, but here on mobile the game's going to be a 4-on-4 first-person shooter where one side plays as the pro-heisting-and-looting faction, and the other on the side of law enforcement.

Payday Crime War

It does appear that the criminals will have missions to accomplish, such as drilling into safes, so it's not just a deathmatch game set in the Payday world. It's going to be an actual Payday game, just on mobile. Sounds interesting, and it looks like it's going to be at E3, so we'll hopefully get to see or hear more about it from the show floor really soon.

  • Cerxop65

    This the the best news I've heard in a while

    • Firedog5698

      Yeah but I've never played a 4vs4 payday before

      • Cerxop65

        Who knows maybe this will be a hit, no doubts here. overkill will come clutch

  • speedyph

    This is awesome 🌤🌤🌤❤️❤️❤️🌏🏫

  • TheGrimCreeper


  • fabianb

    I always love to see how websites for mobile games are not optimised for.. mobiles.

  • Jbruno99

    Probably won't get it for 100 years 😒

    • Vyacheslav V.

      Probably childrens of our childrens will be able to play it. That is what "coming soon" from mobile developers mean.

  • Kelsop23

    Probably similar to counter strike in some way I'm thinking.

    • Vyacheslav V.

      So what? Anything bad in it?

  • RushElite

    When does this release