‘Leap Day’ Gets New Characters and Selfies in First Big Update

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Nitrome’s Leap Day (Free) is a really cool game with a fun concept – there’s one new level every single day – but the initial launch was a bit lacking, unfortunately. There was just one character, and nothing really long-term that you could get with the trophies you collected. Well, Nitrome has fixed that with a vengeance. Now there are 10 different characters in the game that you can play as, unlocked by collecting trophies for each daily level, especially getting fruit trophies. New characters, and even new random selfie poses that your character can do, can be unlocked by racking up the trophies.

There’s another great addition besides new characters and selfies – if you’ve bought the unlimited checkpoints IAP, you now have to manually enable the checkpoints. This may seem annoying at first, but there’s a helpful aspect to this – if you missed fruit and accidentally make it to the next checkpoint, you can just choose to not unlock that checkpoint and go back when you die. Clever!

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